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When Should I Inject?

My instructions are .25 2x a week. Plus I’m taking a low dose of Clomid 3x. a week.

I was thinking Monday and Friday Test / Wed, Thursday, Sunday Clomid


It wouldn’t make any sense ata ll to take test AND Clomid. None.
Inject Monday and Thursday, that’s splitting the week in half.

To help prevent my own production from shutting down and getting sore testicles

The way you are going about things is going against norms, exogenous T will attempt to shut down your HPTA and the clomid will try to do the opposite, if you ever wonder why you feel like dogshit in the not so disatant future, it’s because your protocol is the definition of chaos.

You will likely be altering your T/E2 ratios in a manner that will have you feeling unwell in no time flat. The sore testicles usually resolves itself in time after your body adapts to TRT.

I’m not sure why people inject 2x or even 3x per week instead of every x amount of days.

If you wanted to do 2x per week an example would be Monday morning and Thursday night. If that’s cool with your schedule, then do that.

What matters most is that the amount of time between injections is the same. So I would recommend injecting only in the morning or only at night for consistency. For this protocol you would inject every day, every 2 days, or every 3 days etc. think of it in days, not dividing it up into a week.

It doesn’t work like that. That’s what HCG is used for. The clomid is a waste of time if you’re on test.

I did an experiment several years ago with low dose daily clomid (12.5mg) as an alternative to HCG. I did this because I was having difficulty getting HCg at a reasonable price. I’ve since solved that problem. The whole idea is that E2 is much stronger at negative feedback on the hypothalamus than T or DHT. Clomid selectively blocks E2 receptors in the brain. Unfortunately, I felt like crap the whole time. I also did not do any LH/FSH labs, so I do not know if it worked, but I can say that I did not notice any reduction in testicular size over the 8 week trial. I MUCH prefer HCG and won’t attempt the use of clomid again.

Regarding injection intervals, I agree with galgenstick that (in my experience) it is better to keep injection intervals constant. I prefer every 3 day (E3D) myself. I use my computer calendar to send me alerts on the days that it’s due. Works well for me. Also, compared to uneven intervals (like MWF), it makes blood draws easier for labs since you can select any injection day and the labs are comparable to each other.

Good advice, I’ll hold off on the Clomid. I may see about HCG if my tests start to hurt.

I got an app on my phone where I can do a set schedule and reminders for like every 3 days.

With Cyp it is supposed to be slow, why not every 4 days? Is that too long?

It is for me, but only you can answer these questions as they relate to you. There are no absolutes in the TRT world, what works for one guy could cause another misery.

This action might lead to additional negative symptoms, then again it might lead to a positive improvement and no one can accurately predict the outcome.

It’s probably easiest to explain the impact of injection intervals with graphs of calculated T release from the ester. Keep in mind that the average adult male produces and releases about 7mg of molecular T (i.e., not esterified) per day. So if your goal is to bring T up to ‘normal’ levels then keeping the release curve above 7 mg is important. However, there are many other factors involved in understand what is the optimum amount of T, but I think we can assume that 7mg per day is an absolute minimum.

I wish I could produce new graphs for you with 4 day intervals, but the web site that offers this graphing software went down about a month ago and is still not back up. Too bad, it’s a really good educational tool for dosing frequency and amount.

So, here are two graphs, both with with a total weekly dose of approximately 100mg of T-cyp. The first is 44mg E3D (103mg/week) and the second is 100mg once per week. Note that they both average out to about 10mg of molecular T released per day once stable levels are reached at about 6 weeks of therapy. Note too the peak and nadir (trough) levels for each protocol. At 44mg E3d, the levels do not go below 7mg but with weekly injections of the same amount, the nadir levels drop below 7mg during the last 2 days of the injection cycle.

100 mg T-Cyp Every 1 Week