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When Should I Get Test Levels Checked?


Hey guys,

I finished PCT a couple days ago, I was wondering how many weeks should I wait until I check my testosterone levels?



depending on cycle length and ester, i would calculate half life
500mg a week
250 after one wek
125 after 2 weeks
thats for one week, half lifes add up like this
500mg week 1 250 at next week
750mg the next week which turns to 375
and so forth through the whole entire cycle
a cycle lasting 16 weeks could easily have elevated test for 3-4 weeks post cycle
you should take this into consideration before going 2 week pct, and getting 1000ng/dl

just my 2 cents


huh? He just said he is finished with PCT.

OP: About 4 weeks after PCT will virtually guarantee you are at steady state.



I want to start cutting but thought I should probably check my testosterone levels first.
If I started cutting two weeks after PCT, could this possibly affect my testosterone recovery?


Probably not as long as you don't go on the hcg diet or something retarded like that