When Shall I Switch

I put on a lot of weight while I was in college so decided to do something about it, I have been in the gym for about three months and i have decided to start building muscle first so i can cut later on.

Now I have seen improvements in my stregth and body shape, but i really want too get rid of my fat, here are my questions

  1. Shall i start too cut now
  2. Is it possible to lose weight while building muscle
  3. Shall i carry on building muscle.

Just too let you no the amount of muscle i carry on my body is nothing amazing, In addition my routine currently does not include dead lifts or squats.

Ok just to add stats
I weigh 214 pounds at around 5’9 - 5’10

Im benchin 130pounds up from 80 pounds
arm curling 43 pounds each arm
leg press= 330 pounds

I have no idea about my BF%

but my waist is 38inches

Sorry about my inexperience, i only started a couple of months ago, and i didnt bother with a personal trainer as they dont no jack, I jsut learnt everything from the net, and in most it works, im jsut not sure where to go with my training now.


Hi. Try the beginners forum - lots of ideas in the first few threads there.

It is possible to lose fat and gain muscle at once, but it is said to be very difficult. You can however get stronger with smaller growth whilst losing some fat.

How about learning the exercises, practicing and slowly getting stronger and letting your waist go to 36, even 34 inches? Then slowly add more food and build up.

Alternatively, just eat good whole foods and gain muscle with no more fat gain if you can help it. This might be faster for you as far as muscle growth is concerned, but you may not be happy that other folks would simply think you’re a bit fat at first glance.

Oh, and do practice the squat or deadlift - carefully though!