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When on TRT, Should the Diet Change?

I need some input from all of you. I have been on TRT for few months now and only with some positive effects. I wonder if maybe the missing part is my diet? My main issue is that I get this sensation of sugar crash (no actual low sugar) around 1pm and feel horrible. This always been mine issue to some degree but lately it affects my life even more. Also, my morning sugar seems to be constantly (last few weeks) elevated around 110-120 but I don’t have diabetes. My sugar after eating stays normal but not in the morning?
I guess my question is: Do we need eat more or different on TRT than before the treatment? What about drinking water? Please let me know what is your experience.

It will can take 12 months to see major changes in glucose control. Whatever you are feeling it is something else.

Maybe, are you carrying much visceral fat?

With a forum handle like yours why do I think food is a big part of your life?
Thyroid need to be working well. TRT needs to be stable. A well balanced diet with a calorie count close to your maintenance would be a good thing. Finally a good exersize program will bring it all together.

Hey thanks for reply. I don’t know if the fat is part of my issue or not. Im not that fat, 22% my estimate. I’m trying to lose weight and since starting TRT I gained 15lbs but it feels like mostly muscles. I’m just wondering how can I experience signs of low sugar without actual low sugar. Also, why higher sugar in the morning? Anyway, can you please let me know what you guys eat for breakfast that keeps you stable at least for 3 hours?

This is actually quite normal. You are pre-diabetic in that your diet has caused you to have a slight decrease in insulin sensitivity over the years. What I am referring to as normal is the “higher in the morning” part. That’s called dawn syndrome. You can google it for more details, but the jest of it is that your body starts preparing for you to wake up by increasing the concentration of glucose in your blood. Basically creating the fuel you’re going to need to get started. That’s why BG is tested in the morning typically. To see how your body is handling the surge of glucose and the subsequent release of insulin to regulate it. At the moment, yours isn’t doing so hot if the subsequent insulin release is not bringing it down to under 100. You’ll definitely want to start changing your diet for this reason alone, regardless of TRT.

Speaking of whether or not you should change your diet (your original question), there’s a saying among the fit people of the world. You can’t out train your diet. In the same way, you can balance your hormones till the cows come home, if your diet is shit, then that’s how you’re going to feel. No way around it man.

Put sugar water in your car and see how well it runs.

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1 hard boiled egg
1 cup cottage cheese
1/2 cup walnuts
3 strawberries
12 grapes
18 blueberries
1/2 banana
1 10oz glass of water


Do you have, or have you ever had problems with high blood glucose levels?

Thanks for sharing your knowledge with me. I’m sure I can improve my diet and cut more sugar. One reason why I asked if we should change what and how much we eat when starting TRT is that I can tell that my body grows at faster phase (muscle) comparing to how it it was before. Thus, maybe we should consume more? Just a thought. Also, I will do A1C to get more insight.

This looks like like a light breakfast. Is it? Not sure how long that would keep me.

No, that’s what I eat six days a week. Lunch is a protein bar and protein drink. A few pieces of dark chocolate (my only vice…………….) and almonds for a snack if I want. A vitamin water once or twice a week

Maybe, dependent on your goals. Mine are health related. I do want to look like a guy that works out though. Like people that have known me from the old days would look at me and say, “looks like he still lifts.” People that don’t know me would say, “looks like that old guy works out (or “is in shape”).”

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Highpull have you ever used one of those online calorie counters aps like Myfitnesspal or LoseIt?
You enter everything you eat by weigh and it calculates your calories and you can get several reports for daily weekly and monthly. Here’s one I just ran for 1 24hour period.


From what you’ve listed it doesn’t sound like you are eating many calories. Do you try to eat a maintenance level for your weight?

No, I have not.

DietMaster Pro

I did not include dinner. Spinach, tomato, fish/chicken/ beef once a week, brown rice, olive oil, green beans, broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower, etc. Wife is an excellent cook, she thinks I will die some day. We eat very well and she makes it very easy for me to do so.

Typically 2000-3000cal a day. Saturday night dinner out, probably towards 3000. I weigh myself first thing every morning, over 231, I eat less that day, under 228, I eat more.

Just curious. Be careful with too much fruit intake though brother. Some fruits everyday for sure, but limit them. Fructose is processed entirely in the liver (which is why it typically doesn’t spike blood glucose) but that doesn’t go without leaving its mark. Over time, that fructose leaves fatty deposits inside of the liver and that has been known to eventually lead to diabetes.


AST 24
ALT 22

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I don’t mean to be rude here but did you just tell the guy that eats this much fruit 6 days a week to be careful of diabetes?:

3 strawberries
12 grapes
18 blueberries
1/2 banana

No I don’t take that as rude man. I do take it as HIGHLY misunderstood on your part.

I did NOT tell him to be careful of diabetes. I did tell him to be careful of excessive consumption of fruits.

Some of you guys just don’t seem to get it. This is a PUBLIC forum. As such, there are people that are stumbling onto some of these threads just by shear chance and a quick google search. If some Joe Blow reads what he lists as breakfast in an out of context manner, which is mostly fruit based btw, and they get the misguided impression that “hey, I’ve heard fruits are good, and this guy has a heavy fruit influence in his diet and he’s doing ok. Hell I love fruits!”, then said person could could actually (again misguidedly) take that as que to go nuts.

Now what if said person was someone like me that is already prediabteic? This could be some very bad information to be misinformed about.

Look man, I’m not trying to save the world here. I just want to make sure that anybody that possibly may not know any better can see the other sides of the coins. Some of us throw some pretty general statements around here and don’t realize how badly that can effect someone who is just at the end of their rope when those comments are read in passing. Is that right? Hell no but it is what it is. It’s the world we live in and I for one would feel like shit if… (Exaggerated Example Time)

I read about some kid who decided to try a cycle of 300mg because he read something like this…

(No offense @alldayeveryday…this is just an example and I’m not trying to imply you said or did anything wrong!)

And then lo and behold the kid had an underlying heart disease and that 300mg shot of test killed him. I know, extreme, but it’s not out of the realm of possibility. I just try to make sure that if I read something that COULD be taken out of context, that I present the OTHER side of the argument. That’s all brother.

Sorry for the long explanation, but I didn’t want to be taken out of context…

Fair enough for your concern but I still feel the fruit thing is an unwarranted caution. Im not even sure that is a full serving of fruit. Maybe its JUST a single serving. Breaking it out it is a fairly balanced meal.

And I get that this is an open forum, I’ve been posting since 2004, but to scare ANYONE away from a serving of fruit with breakfast is ridiculous.

I concur with that and do see you your point. I apologize to @highpull or anyone that may have misunderstood my intentions there…no offense was meant and that could be a simple case of me being a little “over-cautious”.

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