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When More is Sometimes Better?

CT, when would you think more could be better. For example I have freinds at 18 years old get results doing more sets then I do. I usally do 10 sets per bodypart except for back and legs. Anyways I was sitting on a bench thinking to myself when and how can you know if doing more could be better. I did make results doing 10 sets but who is to say I can not make results doing 3 more sets?

furthermore, I got all the time in the world.


I’m not CT but I’d say stick with the ‘perfect rep’ style outlined as part of the IBB program. Auto regulation should take care of your workout capacity for the day:
If you feel shitty - bad day at the office, poor sleep,not eaten properly, girl not giving it/givng it up to much up, whatever. you might only ramp up to 6 sets of 3 and call it a day on that particular excercise.
One day you may feel awesome - Who’s to say you’d stop at 6-8 sets of 3 if you can still add weight?
Read Thibs perfect rep/auto regulation stuff - Makes perfect sense. Everybody should be doing it I reckon, not just with low reps.
As for you 19 year old buddy. Shit, some people when thay are 19 can party all night, eat crap, and have a near to nothing Para-workout protocol and still make gains. Bang out set after set with no real clue why they are doing that particular exercise, or just do random shit they see other people do in the gym. Newbies can get away with it. Eventually father time will kick his ass and he’ll need to have a bit more of a plan regarding lifestyle, nutrition and training.

PS. Don’t sit on the bench ‘thinking’. Slap yourself about a bit, grunt and think about dominating that next set.

Hope some of this shit helps dude.
Stay strong

The more you train without exceeding your capacity to recover, the more you’ll progress.

So more is better IF you can recover from it.

CT, i have a really hard time recovering from workouts , I already do low volume work and with school and stuff now i cant progress for crap, any tips on improving recovery?

my chest/tri/delts workout is something like
Flat bench ramp to a top set of 3-8
Incline dumbbells or flies 3x8 straight sets
Lateral raises 3x10-12
Tricep pushdowns

I;m sure my recovery rate can be due to poor work capacity, do you have any suggestions on how to improve it ? I have access to an eliptical cross trainer at home aswell as a home gym.
Thanks in advance!