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When life hands you 2 lemons?

Does anyone else have shitty luck? Lost a job and a boyfriend with in the span of 2 weeks like me? Let me know you can empathize here…

That sucks. Neither has happened to me but it sucks anyway.

Been there, done that. It sucks royally. I skidded to rock bottom, and it took a long time to get back up… but I’m a stronger person for it. Yes, that’s a cliche, but it’s true. I got through one of the most aweful events of my life, and I know I can stand on my two feet. You’ll do the same, it’ll just take time.

I am skidding pretty hard myself right now…I don’t care to bore you with the details, only that I know how it feels when life lobs you a turd…I have got an arm full of turds right now…make is hard to get to the gym too, really pisses me off…

Yup. I was doing a keto diet and was pretty pissed off. I quit work and ditched my long time girl. So it was my fault, but it sucks nontheless.

Just go out with some friends and have a wild time, a blast. Tommorow, it will all seem a lot less serious. And in matter of weeks, you will be back on track.

Character is built in times like these, and it’s revealed on the mountaintops. Sack up and move on. Take charge of your destiny.

Now you know that life is shit and 90% of people out there are assholes and many deserve to die. Use your hate as a catalyst to get something done.

Bad things happen, get over it. You’re lucky some nurse’s aid doesn’t have to wipe your ass for you or change your catheter. Is it fitone? Talk to this guy.

Thats the same advice Darth Vader gave Luke. PS People who call him “Dark” Vader are retarded.

My hate makes me a better man, my hate helps me take a stand.

Sometimes you dont know if the dark side is way to go or not.

I will die tonight for my beliefs.

“What does not kill you, will only make you stronger.” THAT’S always in my head…