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When it's Ok to Call a Food Bad



as mentioned in another thread "we shouldn't label food good or bad"... I beg to differ.

bring on the "discussion" :smiley:


excess in moderation


what's the deal with youtube links on here lately. here it is again, I put a space in the link, so just copy/paste and remove the space

h ttp://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=4IGtDPG4UfI


Heavy salt content prevents food from spoiling?

Who is this news to? Is salt-curing that much of a mystery to people who are going to hop on TV as food experts?

And you gotta love the logic: (waving the bun around) "This is why we're obese! Once it gets in your thighs, there's no breakdown. It doesn't go anywhere!"

Like she expects fat people to literally have french fries and hamburgers distributed throughout their fat stores... because if our body can't break it down to use it for energy, it certainly can't digest it properly to store it in the first place/


I call food bad when it starts growing mold.


Host said: "I would eat fries over a burger".

What we're learning about causes of obesity and diatbetes, etc, it seems that the burger (perhaps without bun) would be the better choice over a vegetable oil saturated, sugar/salt coated french fry.


Take that back!

I love me some cheese.

Especially blue cheese!



Dot has a point.


I think if you take the "feature=player_embedded&" part out of links, they show up


I was going to mention cheese, but Christine was faster then me.

No wonder I never catch her.


I've been told the trick is to grab ahold of the tail.


Honey buns, I absolutely LOVE blue cheese.


I would say a food is bad when it includes olives.



So noted...

*tries to not get hynotized by the tail...


Let me rephrase that. Mold (and fermenting, curdling, etc...) is fine when it's part of a process, but when it starts happening in my fridge then it's going into the trash.


why do they put an Expiration date on "SOUR" cream, what's it going to do...go GOOD ? ? ?


LOL. I think there is only cause to worry if the burger still tastes delicious after 4 years.

That shit may still have color, but you can tell when a sandwich has been sitting "ready made" past 15min over one made fresh.

I am also betting a baked potato or baked french fry will age differently than one fried in oil.


Cliff notes: Neither McDonalds burgers nor homemade burgers rot if left in the open because the pretty large surface area allows it to lose moisture quickly. Without moisture, mold cannot grow.

However, if left in a sealed bag, the McDonalds burger will mold within a week.


I don't refer to any food as "bad".

I refer to it as "not in my diet plan". "Bad" is somewhat subjective.

This includes fast food except for Wendy's chilli or baked potato. Every once in a while I will have a little cheat meal, but even then I would way rather go for a nice piece of pie or a stack of pancakes with butter and syrup than grody Mickey D's


"When I was overweight." Why is she using past tense?