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when it just comes together

Tonight I just finished up the Power-Circuit and decided to sneak a friend into a commercial GYM to show him how to do the whole routine. We got in kinda late and shot some baskets to warm up our shoulders. Then we began the circuit, me coaching him on his form and showing him the entire cycle. We got to the first set of power snatches and I gripped the bar just a bit wider than I had found previously comfortable. I added a little more weight and hoped to hell it would come in line this time. I have had really bad form for the last two weeks and had been struggleing with the recieving end of the movement. This time I fired it up and like magic pushed my hips under the bar like a natural. It all came together and with heavier weight than I had done before! It felt so good and fluid! People all over the GYM were staring at me like what the fuck is that guy doing, though still impressed. I’d love to hear some stories from lifters out there on how thier form or movement came together one day out of the blue. Tell me about a wall you bounded over when previously you couldn’t even climb. Don’t you love it? On a side note, it wasn’t a one time thing- I can repeat it effortlesly and feel as though I could bump up the weight a good 30% in the next week no problem.