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When it comes to terrorism,NICE GUYS FINISH LAST

Fuck all those politically correct idiots calling for restraint,and pleas not to lower ourselves to the terrorists’level.The shameful detoriation of defense and intelligence under the Clinton administration opened the door for today’s horrific events.Under his leadership',instead of taking an uncompromising,relentless and merciless stance against terrorism,the US was more concerned with political correctness and not offending the sensibilities of those who would accuse it of war-mongering.Sorry,but the rights of innocent citizens of peaceful countries to live their loves should be the prime consideration when dealing with these terrorist assholes. Instead of attacking those who harboured terrorists,a few low level suspects were rounded up for the obligatory token trial.In the case of the attack on the embassies in Kenya and Tanzania,no-one has been brought to justice.Ditto for the bombing of the USS Cole,where a couple of Arabs in a rubber dingy sailed up to the ship and blew a gaping hole in its side. The time has come to make a stand,a real stand.Enough of token speeches,appeasement’,measured'responses,negotiations,and compromise.YOU DO NOT COMPROMISE WITH EVIL.You obliterate it ,swiftly and decisively,otherwise it rapidly spreads like a cancer.Only evil stands to gain from compromise.The refusal to deal with terrorism head-on has only emboldened its practitioners.Like undisciplined brats who go unpunished,they will continuously push the limits to see how much they can get away with.I hope George W Bush has the cojones to show these lunatics that it's game over.The Japanese realised after Pearl Harbour, a little too late ,that they had stirred asleeping giant’.For the sake of the US and the rest of the free world I hope the giant awakens from its’ politically correct coma.
Any country that has ever been associated with terrorism against the USA including Taliban-ruled Afghanistan,Libya,Iraq,Iran,Syria,Palestine, etc should be attacked without mercy.And fuck the United Nations of Hypocrites,which recently booted the US off its humanitarian council,whilst allowing terrorist-supporting Libya and Syria on.The us SHOULD WITHDRAW ALL FUNDING to this evil charade immediately.

Condolences to all those whose loved ones were killed in the US.

W’s next capaign slogan can be “a missile up every terrorists’ ass” if he has the cojones.