When it Clicks

I’ve been training for almost 4 years now, and watching what I eat seriously for the last 2…but I’d say in the last year, something has clicked, even more so in the last 4 weeks. For one, I ALWAYS keep a food log now, and when I do the results show. I fell off of it in March and gained a lot of fat back, but in the last 4 weeks something has clicked. I don’t care about the junk foods anymore and I can say no. I don’t live to eat, I eat to live. Everything is marked down. The biggest difference is in my cheat days. I got rid of them basically. I don’t eat anything unless I can track the calories on it. Even my “cheat day” is just a carb up day. I up my calories to about maintenance for the day and spread the meals through the day instead of gouging myself, and eat mostly carbs and protein (still low glycemic) with one really high glycemic meal after my workout. My results so far: I’ve lost weight at a slower rate, 9lbs over 4 weeks, but I’ve gained strength and haven’t lost any size on my arms or legs. Also I don’t feel like crap. THe BIGGEST thing of all is that this is the first time I have lasted on a cutting cycle without cheating, or straying from it entirely for more than 4 weeks. Amazing isn’t it? My advice to everyone, no more cheat meals!
It’s not about the supplements you take, it’s not entirely based on your workouts, or the information you received from T-mag; when it comes down to it your results are based on you. Will you stick with it, consistency more than anything else will get you results.
So here’s my dilemna now: I have my ultimate test of will this weekend. I’m going to a wedding up in Phoenix. We’re going to a fancy dinner the night before, and I don’t want to break my diet, and I don’t want to break my diet the day of the wedding. So I have 2 ideas:

  1. Friday is my cheat day, so I will just keep the meals smaller during the day and not gouge myself during the dinner. I will 12.5 mg of Ephedrine HCL along with 100-200mg caffeine post meal, and keep another 12.5mg in my pocket in case my cravings start to get to me.
  2. Wedding day: Completely redo my diet for one day and rely entirely on protein bars. I will take ephedrine too so that I’m not too tempted.
    I know, everyone says to indulge yourself, but when I do, my diets gone. I want to keep my results! I guess this is when a person transforms from a normal man to a t-man and it “clicks.”
    If anyone tells me I’m being rude by not eating, I think I’ll just reply “Merry Christmas Bob.” (Thanks Shugs)

Sounds like massive planning or something.

There’s something to be said for moderate, low-calorie days after high-calorie days. Man, if anything, just train super hard in the days leading up and eat eat eat! One weekend isn’t going to kill you. I imagine you are planning on putting down a 5th of tequilla at this shindig? :slight_smile: That might not be so good.


Lucid, I afford myself one period a year to drink alcohol; spring break. And the best part is that I don’t drink that much, maybe once or twice during the year, so I get fucked up on very little alcohol. I don’t mind doing it then b/c im in Mexico when I drink and walking everywhere and generally end up losing weight.

Wish I had that discipline regarding diet, keep up the good work bro!