When is Shane Carwin Fighting Again?

I thought he came out of retirement and signed with Rizin? He had one fight and that was a boxing match with one arm strapped to his body which he won against some irrelevant guy.

He could beat Cain if he wanted; he hits like a tank and he has wrestling credentials. If Chieck Kongo can drop Cain and Junior Dos Santos can knock Cain out, I don’t see why Carwin can’t. I think he could beat Overeem too as Reem is very inconsistent. But he’d lose against Cigano again or Stipe Miocic due to being slower and lacking cardio; those guys can also take his punches. Werdum could submit him too.

He may be a force to be reckoned with in Rizin though

When’s the next fight?

I too am a fan of Shane Carwin. I heard all the talk of him coming out of retirement but to date have not heard any more. I agree that under the right circumstances he could beat Cain Velasquez. But, I wouldn’t bet the fight.

And the video you posted of him beating down Frank Mir is pure gold!

By the way that makes two very severe beat downs that Mir suffered at the hands of wrestlers. Brock Lesnar tuned him up as well. It seems that if a really good wrestler understands enough BJJ to stay out of trouble he can win.

Here’s hoping Carwin comes back. Certainly one of the most exciting heavyweights to ever get in a cage. His career was too short.

Really? I liked Shane, but always thought he was the pinnacle of old school ufc. Terribly strong and powerful, sharp boxing, great top wrestling, and horrible gas tank and little in the way of variety. Man was a compete wrecking machine, with good hands for his time.
But lesnar found the Achilles heel. I’m not sure there are any top 5 heavyweights he could take out in a round when they know so much about his game, being as one dimensional as he is. MAYBE at his peak, but not now. Guys a professional engineer who weighs 280. I doubt he’s kept training at a high level very frequently, and MMA has changed a lot. Not to mention how fucked up his back is from injuries and now sitting 40 hours a week as a giant.

He wasn’t the same mentally after Lesnar.