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When Is Light Too Light?

How do you know when it’s time to reset your maxes ? I am only 6 weeks in but I feel I under represented my deadlift and overhead press 1RM and definitely overestimated my bench press. If I reset my maxes now do I restart the cycle ? How easy should the 5’s and 3’s be ?

First couple cycles dont be surprised if you get 15 even 20 reps.

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Thx I actually finally read the ebook and I tried the off season strength program and it was a lot better . Supersets pull-ups/chin-ups With the main lift was much more challenging . And I still knocked 7 on the AMRAP.

I agree, 15+ on your first cycle or first couple cycles is a nice way to start off. If you aim on beating your 15rm each week/month, that weight will eventually climb approaching old weights that you could only get 5 or 10 with …imagine turning your 5rm into a 10rm! I remember reading this type of advice somewhere and I did the math to see what weights I’d be using on cycle 10 or 11 and it motivated me to start light. Try not to get caught up in heavy rep maxes, it feels really good increasing a 10rm or 15rm even, good luck man!

Scott thx fir the advice . I actually started using supersets (pull-ups )yesterday with my main lifts and that made it much more enjoyable . Following the off season strength guide provided in Wendlers ebook.

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