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When Is It Gyno?

been on trt for about 5 months now. esto ran high 163 in a ref range of 41 to 115.
my question is, does gyno happen anywhere else other than directly behind your nipple?

my left pec is swollen and its not from a tear. ask the dr and he sent me to have a mammo and a ultra sound they found nothing, but told my dr to elvauate for gyno he said its possible, but not sure, he is not very good at trt and im limited to where i can go around here for other options. been doing 1mg of anazastrole per week with my injections for the last month with no change in the swelling. any of you guys have any ideas. thanks

Give us an idea where it is. Generally Gyno lumps build up right behind the nipple, or “around” that area.

Its swollen on the inside of my pec towards the center of my chest. Nipple isnt puffy or sore just the big part of my chest about 3 inchs away from the nipple