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When is it enough???

I came to the realization recently that I was grossly undereating in my zeal to lose weight. I’d been getting 1700 cals a dat at 240lbs, t-dawg II diet followed to the letter and I still wasn’t losing any weight.

I was lifting 3 times a week, martial arts twice a week, and walking with my golfbag on Sundays and still not losing.

So a few weeks ago I started jumping the calories up. Now I’m getting average about 2600 calories a day or just a little more. Until this week, there had been no weight gain even with adding an extra thousand cals a day! Now I’m starting to gain a little bit, but my strength and muscle size are also increasing for the first time in over a year.

So things are on the right track, but WHEN should I start cutting again? At what point have I “reset” my body, so to speak? I’m dying to lose the 40 pounds of fat I’m still carrying.

All help appreciated.

One of the most basic and constantly repeated error most athletes and physical transformers (aka bodybuilders) make is not listening to their bodies. Either they push too hard or not hard enough. Athletes blindly follow their favorite gurus diet/training program, backed by countless studies, without scrutinizing how their own body’s respond.

Take for instance the example of a trainee who ignores their body’s signs. During a cutting cycle a trainee traditionally reduces calories consumed and increases energy expenditures. After a ‘successful’, (and I use the term loosely), period of fighting hunger pains and frantically running in circles, a significant amount of fat is lost. Fast Forward in time. Eventually their metabolism slows down to the point where gains are no longer made. At this point the trainee is faced with the choices of furhter increasing work output/ decreasing calorie consumption, or listening to their bodies and taking a brief period to re-establish a healthy basal metabolism. Living in an A.D.D. society, the latter is the road least travelled.

I dont mean to sound harsh, but I’ve heard too many stories concerning trainees with great work ethic and good intentions who try to correct all their past mistakes in a short 12 week period. Life isnt an infomercial, we’re in this for the long haul.

What was your question again? haha

Die: I agree with you. And unfortunately have undermind my own intentions in the past to lose fat. It was only until I saw a picture of myself after having lost 26lbs by working out 3 hrs per day (2.5 with weights 0.5 cardio). I look back now and understand why grandma said I looked sick. I’m back on track now and look and feel better than ever.

Aikigreg: If you consider T-Dawg II diet calculations, you actually require 3100 cals per day to be hypocaloric at 240 lbs (BW*15-500). You were around half this number (I’m a math minor don’t you know! hehe) Ultimately, I think you may be undereating right now, however, because you were way too low in the past, your body may be overcompensating. I’m not quite sure how to go about fixing this. But ask Die said, we’re in it for life. You don’t need to lose 40lbs yesterday. Be patient, do things right, lift with your head as well as your muscles, and you’ll reach your goals.

Best of luck.

According to the calculations in T-dawg 2, you should have been at:

15*240= 3600 cal

After a week you would drop by 500 which would be 3100.

Somebody just found out you can actually eat too little to lose weight.

Nd - I appreciate your help. Obviously I’m still undereating but at the same time right now I’m gaining too much fat (which is not an option) and need to do these things slowly. If I just kept increasing cals I’d stop being a size 40 and go back to a 44.

I’d like to find out a way to rev the metabolism back up slowly without putting on too much more weight.

Perhaps 2 weeks of low cals, followed by two weeks of higher calls, and then slowly increasing the cals of the “diet” weeks until I hit maintenance???

For anyone out there with something to add it would be much appreciated. I don’t need any “ha-ha you’re an idiot and screwed yourself” comments, as I’ve already figured that one out :smiley:


As has already been pointed out you need to fix your cal requirements as per the TDawgII plan. I’ll also assume that the food you are getting is on target (red meat, protein shakes, essential fats, etc.) Based on that I have several reccmendations:

  1. CT’s sprinting program is great for losing weight fast!

  2. You know that to increase your metabolism incrase the amount of lean mass you have, so I might recomend a Mag10 cycle to help give you a boost and help you gain some muscle mass fairly quickly while leaning up.

  3. Tweak your training, check the FAQ from the t-mag homepage for good training routines for losing weight.

  4. Give HotRoxx or Methoxy a try, don’t think that these supplements are the magic ingredient, but I’ve seen them really help.

You have a lot of options, and these suggestions are based on what you’ve mentioned.

undereating = LBM loss

re-read T-Dawg 2.0 CAREFULLY, then read it again, then eat the prescribed 3100 for a few weeks and then evaluate, if you are not willing to give the program a try as it is prescribed then try a different program.