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When is it coming out?

When can I sample Biotest Protein bars? I’m sick of Met-RX bars, and there are times when I just want something quick to go. It feels like I’m waiting forever for Biotest bars to come out, and I’m out of Met-Rx bars, which I will not be replacing with more Met-Rx bars since I’m hoping that i’ll find Biotest bars soon.

Stella, are you not happy with the Met-Rx bars since they sold to Rexall Sundown and Changed the ingredients?
Let me know
I am too

I believe in the last “Behind the Scenes” Tim said the Grow! bars would be out some time in June. Chris Shugart responded in another thread that each bar would have roughly 30g protein, 30g carbs, and 8g fat. All quality sources, I’m assuming. Too bad there isn’t a way to make a quality bar without a lot of carbs. Massive Eating bars would make things very convenient.

I believe that you meant to say “when can I sample those fucking Grow bars?”

Vain – I don’t like Met-RX because it tastes like crap. Also I don’t think their protein’s that good to begin with. I also tried EAS Low Carb Myoplex bars, and hated them just as much.

Trev -- thanks for the info. 30g of carb adn 8g fat....doesn't that totally violate Massive Eating principles set out by JB? i believe he said no more than 10g of carb or 5g of fat. Hmm...