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When is Flameout Not Good to Use Anymore?


I have been keeping my unopened Flameout bottles in the fridge and I have been using some Flameout recently which is 7 months past its use by date (April 2010) and I was wandering whether it might not be good to use anymore.

I'm not sure how to test whether its rancid or not because when I bite into a capsule it taste the same as those within the use by date. I have also noticed when I "pass waste" in the bathroom I can smell the fish oil - would this be an indication that its no longer good to use?

Any feedback from those who have used and reaslised that the Flameout they are using is expired or past its useby date would be great because I have another 3 bottles left to use.



If they are refrigerated and unopened, its unlikely they have gone bad.

If anyone disagrees, feel free to correct me.


Thanks for the feedback. I was just concerned with the smell when its been "passed" - is this something else others have noticed? I was just wandering whether it was a sign of it being rancid.