When is E2 Highest?

My current protocol is:
Monday morning. 75mg Test E and 0.25mg Arimidex
Thursday evening. 75mg Test E and 0.25mg Arimidex

Would my E2 decrease or increase in the days following my my Monday and Thursday protocol?

Dependent on your metabolism, body type, aromatase levels, etc., your E2 would decrease for about 50 hours after your anastrozole dose. Blood tests would tell you for sure. I would guess, with 75mg, and the 0.25mg, twice weekly, you would be pretty low. Just a guess.

Thanks for your reply.

My latest test which was taken on Monday morning before my T an Arimidex had my E2 at 18. I generally feel better 2 days after my injection and AI but that’s not to say I ever feel bad.

Your E2 is on the low side. Anastrozole is not a drug you want to use if it can be avoided.
It has negative effects on its own like decreased insulin sensitivity and decreased IGF-1.

Have you tried Testosterone at 50mg twice weekly? What were your levels? You will be significantly better off without the AI.

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My Total T was 626 so its not high. I think 50mg twice weekly will be too low.

Other information is I weight train and do cardio regularly. I’m not overweight.

Free testosterone is the stuff your body uses, what about free testosterone?

Free T 0.534 nmol/L I’m not sure what the US conversion is.

This value doesn’t compute without reference ranges, a free testosterone value without reference ranges is a junk measurement representing nothing.

Range 0.2 to 0.62

I’d follow the previous recommendations to drop the AI

What is your SHBG level? Free Testosterone is what matters. Have you tried 50mg twice per week without an AI and tested?

These are my latest full test results

I’m thinking about trying 50mg E3D without AI.

I disagree. Convert it to ng/dL and it is 15. Do you still need a reference range now? I don’t.

Do you have ANY comprehension whatsoever as to how unhealthy of low level your E2 is?

Throw that AI in the garbage. Increase dose to 200mg weekly and split in three like you’re doing now.

I guarantee you, you will feel much better.