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When is Dairy Not Dairy?


Silly question(?): although milk derived, do whey proteins 'count' as dairy? In other words where people avoid dairy (e.g. cutting) do they avoid whey? not talking lactose intolerance here BTW


It's a personal choice. I don't know of anyone dropping whey because it's "dairy". Crazy vegans might avoid it because it's dairy.


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If you do it for philosophical/religious etc. reasons...doh, it's a part of milk. Is it dairy? YES. Is casein "dairy"? YES.
Think of it, what makes dairy - dairy? The casein, the whey, the fat, the minerals, the enzymes, the lactoferrin etc.? Better yet, is there any other source of casein/whey proteins EXCEPT dairy? None that I know of (maybe a lab might work...btw, if it's made in a lab from anything but milk, it's not dairy)

OTOH, depending on your goals (strictly and truthfully respect the doctrine you're following OR see how/if you can get by a rule while theoretically respecting...), the best thing to do is to ask an authority in that certain doctrine, not people who don't even know what you're speaking about. :slight_smile:


IF you're vegan, no IT IS NOT dairy. No really, do you see any milk in there? You really have to build muscle.

IF you're anything else but vegan, IT IS.


Maybe I'm misinterpreting this because it's early, but vegans/vegetarians don't consumer whey. There are several dairy free protein options out there and the last time I checked, consuming a protein shake wasn't a requirement for building muscle. Think before you post...


... I think he was just trying to trick vegans to drink some damn why so they wouldn't be so skinny.

Anyway, if you're allergic to dairy, it might be the protein, so you'd still be f'ed.


I avoid whey and all dairy derivatives because my body hates them with a passion.

I don't think it would interfere with cutting much, though. As long as you're limiting carb intake, I wouldn't be worrying about whey.


Sterneneisen nailed it.


what about cheese, it obviously comes from dairy, but there are pretty much no milk sugars in it, would you guys still avoid cheese if you were trying to avoid dairy?


I would re-read Sterneneisen's post.

Depends on what you're trying to avoid:
saturated fat?


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Main reason for asking was there seems to be a group of people advising avoidance of all dairy when cutting (extreme) and just wondered, not that it will ever affect me!

Thanks for the feedback BBB, makes me wonder what it is that causes the bloating(presumably not lactose intolerance).


To be stage ready, most lifters will avoid dairy toward the end of the prep. For the type of condition that the rest of us are working toward, most people wouldn't notice one way or the other.


It's funny, almost all "Nondairy Creamers" have dairy in them. They are made with Sodium Casinate, a milk product.

An allergy to milk would not necessarily exclude whey protein from the diet. Allergies are very protein specific so if a whey protein is refined enough that it contains none of the protein that an allergic person reacts to, then that person could eat it.

BBB, I'm curious, what are your bloating symptoms? Also, can you eat yogurt or cheese? I assume you can't have milk.