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When Is Carbolin-19 Coming?

Not to be an impatient prick, but when is it coming? :slight_smile:

please for Carbolin-19. i’m love Biotest.

Cy, Can we see the label?

You all sound like crack heads.

“can I lick the pipe?”

If you show me yours, I’ll show you mine.

Check Shug’s log, the lucky bastard is already taking the stuff! I’m guessing it can’t be that far away, he got Spike, what, 2 days before the release? Keep those credit cards warm guys, won’t be long now!

April or May

Guys, this isn’t some miracle supplement that will change your lives. Keep lifting hard, eat well, and make wise choices. I’m sure Carbolin-19 will be a solid supplement, but there isn’t a need to continually ask and plead for it. It’ll come when it comes.

Hey, what’s the delivery method going to be for Carbolin-19, nano-dispersion or do we get to mainline it?