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When is Calf Work Necessary?

@CT when is calf work necessary besides for asthetics? When you work with an athlete how do you gauge whether calf or tibialis accessory work is needed? Can weak calf strength inhibit squat strength?

I’ll be honest, I,ve never had an athlete do calf work.

We do lots of prowler pushing, farmer’s walk, olympic lifting (on top of the big basics) not to mention sprinting and plyo work. More than enough to stimulate the calves. In fact heavy prowler pushing is likely one of the best things you can do for calves.

Oh it’s not entirely true. I once had a basketball player do calf work after an serious ankle injury.

Ya I’ve paired single leg calf raises or Barbell calf jumps and prowler pushing/ farmers walks before

Is there anything towards helping protect the ankles/feet by doing direct calf work? Or is it the opposite, since it could tighten up the calves?

If someone lacks ankle stability its more of a proprioception/postural receptors thing: I would do more lifting barefoot


this is very true. I do single leg work barefoot and it works very well with lunges.