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When is a good time to take a little time off?

i got done with wrestling about a month and a half ago… right after that i started lifting hard again… should I take a break soon or what? i dont lift on the weekends… i am taking surge right now… my weight is increasing but i dont know if my strength is increasing very much… what do you guys think?

i finished with wrestling about so long ago as well, and took 2 weeks off immideatly. i then began a program that we were given by our coach (great idea there. . . .) at very high reps, low weight, followed a few weeks later by heavier weights, as the alternating periodisation of King’s workouts. both my weight and strength have increased significantly, even if only from increasing my calorie intake from in-season weight cutting. hell, im 165 right now, up from wrestling 145.
if you didnt take a break when season ended, go ahead and take a break now. a week of after a season like that is the least you should get.
-be(a)n. . .where’s ender?(if were talking about the same Ender that is. .)

I may be way off, but because nobody else has posted yet, I will try. If you are not gaining strength but you are gaining weight, it’s probably fat. You can get stronger without getting bigger, but you can’t get bigger(muscle mass) without getting stronger. if you don’t see any gains within a month or two then take a week or two rest. I think? hope that helps. I was in the same position with swimming in high school, but I never thought of taking some time off, and it worked ok for me.

well i know im gaining strength… just maybe not as much as i normally would… hmm i dunno

I took a month off after wrestling. It helped regain a sense of not being a zombie during the day. It also helped me regain some sanity. After almost a month I got back in the gym and got big, fast. I put on 35 lbs, mostly muscle, drug free too! Alas my strength could not keep up with my size, but it takes a while and after a few months I am stronger than ever.

Ive got no idea how old you are but I try to take time off when my life is the most stressed and I have the least amount of time. That was exams when i was at school and is exams now that im at uni (college) that means I take a week or two off twice a year and follow that up by really hard training since exams are followed by holidays (well in australia they are) and Ill chuck in a couple of easy weeks or 0ff weeks durring the year. That way I get the most out of myh mind and my body and have a rough outline of a 52 week periodized plan

Which state you from Bally?