When is a Cycle Too Long?

Ive been on 750 a week test & 300 a week npp for 14 weeks… My first 3 weeks was a taper up to get used to npp…also had a 2 weel tbol load phase. Started at 187 goal was to hit 205 but stalling at 199… im ok with 200…feel fine but seams like after week 9 my body adjusted and just isnt responding…
All in all happy with results bigger & stronger…not too much flab…diet coulda used improvemnet…is it ok to run it all 2-3 more weeks to hit goals?? Usually 12 weeks is my max on a cycle… no sides fyi except mood swings when npp wears off

i dont think there would be any issue taking it to 16 weeks, only thing i would say is if you stalled at what you are currently taking what makes you think a couple more weeks is going to change that? Your body probably needs a change to something else to jumpstart it again or a kick up.

I think sticking to a plan is good when using AAS. Basically, having discipline. Did you plan 14 weeks? I don’t think 16 would kill you though.

I planned 12 but being this close to goal I wanna close the deal

Are you on TRT? Or cycling?

TRT so Ill just go back on cruise dose

Then I see less of a problem with going longer, other than a slippery slope situation, where 16 weeks turns into perma blast.

I actually think on TRT it makes more sense to blast longer with lower doses. Shut down is not a concern. Now your cycle isn’t what I would define as low dose, but not crazy either.

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Its like cycle number 12 or 15 not sure at this point…as u get older its harder and harder to force the growth…Im 42 now and its a struggle just to force down the food tbh…

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I think this is enough reason to stick with the original plan. I tend to stall about that time too so I see no reason to run extended cycles. Maybe start a taper down to try and hold the gains you did make rather than just revert back to TRT though.

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I got a grab bag of goodies I can throw at it… HGH, Winny, tbol or just bump dose a tad… Was thinking after I hit 200 to do trt dose plus 4-6 iu daily hgh to hold gains for 2 months… Then ol faithful for a cut cycle tren, prop, var 8 weeks… That way come pool season I’m in peak shape for the gram.

Does HGH work fast enough to do that? I’ve seen folks say it takes months to start working. That’s interesting if so

Lol I dont know if serious or sarcastic, but at 42 years old I’m thinking sarcasm.


haha kinda I dont compete or anything just typical east coast meat head… but I go on vacations ect like to be in shape…fight father time as long as I can

Ive found that it helps keep gainz between cycles… I always take 2 iu 5 days a week no matter what so after a cycle I double it or triple it for about 3 months… Kinda a trial and error thing I cant back it with science maybe its diet IDK but its worked for me in past…As I get older harder and harder to get big… I was 225 in mid 30s now at 42 I gotta bust my ass to hit 200… Naty I was 180ish tops pre 35 Im 5’10"

Man that’s awesome! What does it cost you a month to run 2iu/day?

not much I get chinese off brand stuff… I cant say prices here

Look out ladies of Cape May!

Im more a south beach kinda guy…not the gay part tho :rofl:

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Man how did you only gain 12 pounds in 14 weeks on that cycle, was that the pure mass excluding the water gains?

Im currently on 7th week Test/Deca 400/400 first weeks, now 500/500, gained 15 pounds already, sure also water but still increasing gradually.

I never understand why people run high test anyway, for me personally anything above 500 is sort of pointless, I feel like its better to increase the other compound. Maybe 500/500 wouldve been better?

Ive always had better gains when test was moderate and the other compound the same or higher, when i put the test real high i dont usually get much more benefit from it but i do for sure get more side effects that i need to combat with ai

I honestly think it was diet not the drugs… I dont think I did a good enough job getting my protiens in and hitting the cal surplus… Also just getting older and shit dont work like it used to but I’d say diet was the culprit…Strength went way up tho and Im ok with 200…If I do a cut cycle in spring I will look great at 185-190

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