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When In Rome...


Guys, I've been checking out most all the other BB sites around the net and most REAL bodybuilders talk about the importance of really working on the muscle contractions. It's not enough to lift heavy to get a bodybuilder's body.

I have concluded that Christian Thibaudeau is a bodybuilding genious who knows more about BODYBUILDING than anybody on this site.

There, it's been said.


bugger contractions, that's what i have when i am having sex with my girl, give me a loaded bar any day.


I guess "real" is a bad word. But guys who train to compete for shows really focus on the individual muscles (or muscle groups) to give the muscle bellies a fuller look.

I believe CT really understands how bodybuilders train to make the muscles "look" their best.

Of course your gonna get big lifting heavy, but bodybuilding is about proportions and the appearance of bigness.

I understand a lot of guys just don't care about this whole mess and rather put heavy weights on the bar all the time, but training to look like a god nekkid is more complex. Take a look at the last two columns by CT and you'll realize that I'm right.


I'm not disagreeing with you at all...I just think this used to be common knowledge. I begin wondering what happened over the last five years or so that making this a major point is now considered "going against the grain". I lift heavy and try to focus on indivual muscle contraction as well. They are both important.


i think what happened, is a reaction to things swaying too much to the split routine for too long

many people were looking at routines of BBers once they were already big, and not the routines that got them big (this could be the same for some, but for many it is not.)

the pendulum probably swung too far back, and CT's articles are a nice way of re-introducing some good principles