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When I Squat Under Load My Stomach Looks Like It's Doing Half-Vacuum

I only noticed when I by chance lifted my top but its the strangest thing Ive seen. The right side was sucked in and the left extended. What would cause this?

Video please

I wish it was recorded but this wasnt recent and my gym isnt opening soon

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Cirrhosis of the liver combined with improper bracing


Okay, well can you show us how you lift your top while squatting then? Use a broom stick.

You don’t need to be mid squat to brace under load

How do you hold a bar on your back while lifting your shirt?


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Yeah but he didn’t lift his shirt

Ahh well nevermind. I thought T Nation had experts not jokers.

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You got bad replies because literally no one can even imagine what you’re talking about without seeing it.

It’s not your question, it’s your lack of supporting evidence to show the situation you’re asking about.


If someone knew the answer, a video proving it wouldn’t make a difference. People would rather joke a question than answer- most likely they dont have the answer.

You are correct.

If someone knew the answer, a video would not change them knowing the answer.


Right now, nobody knows the answer.

And a video could change that.

But we won’t get one, because you’re all butthurt.

Also, your grasp of logic is stunningly poor.


Try reading before being a wise ass.

This. I had my shirt in my teeth then unracked the bar braced and observed a weird stomach.

I assume its because my spine isnt straight, has some nerve issue and the bar sits differently on my right vs left rear delt. Theyre just guesses and I was curious if anyone was familiar with semi braced/engaged stomachs.

Maybe you should see a doctor or physiotherapist if you think your spine isn’t straight. That might explain the issue here, it’s called scoliosis. The problem with this thread is that you asked a weird question and gave no pictures or video for us to figure out what you are talking about, it was hard to take you seriously. But at this point any explanation or suggestion from this forum is still a shot in the dark because for all we know you are playing some kind of joke on us.

Also, if you are doing any sort of vacuum with your stomach when you are squatting then something is seriously wrong.


I was thinking about this thread when I was warming up to squat today, I think we should come up with a list of potential causes. Here’s what I have so far:

-Bowel obstruction
-enlarged spleen
-uterine fibroids
-victim of organ harvesting
-undeveloped conjoined twin
-ectopic pregnancy
-medical instruments left in abdomen after surgery
-swollen prostate

Anyone else?

Born without rib cage
Inverted lungs

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Not using the transverse abs to “draw in your belly button” on one side. Then instead of bracing properly, inflating against your abs you suck in on one side, doing a vacuum.