When I grow up, I want to be an Alicorn

Thank you! Still feels unreal, over a week later. I am sure it will hit about the time I take off with a student and realize I am the one keeping us safe…

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Just noticed the the log title change: Awesome!


@SvenG It was subtle and sneaky, good eye! Mostly, I wasn’t feeling clever enough for a complete title change!

PT Session

Single leg press
110 x 10
3 x 10 x 140

3 x 12 x 50

3 x 8 x BW (last few were negatives only to get to 8)

Leg extension
3 x 10 x 70

Calf raises
3 x 10 x 80

Weird muscle imbalances today. Quads were feeling strong. Hamstrings… Not so much. They were quick to fatigue and cramp.
I was also light headed and shaky after every set. Energy levels were great, just random things today.


Mostly legs

Leg Press
10 x 140
10 x 260
10 x 320
10 x 380

Machine Hip Thrust
12 x 115
10 x 130
8 x 150

Lat pulldown
2 x 10 x 90

Pull ups
3 x 4

Backward Sled Drag
3 x 100ft x 160+sled

I am a few days behind, obviously. My hamstrings were still painfully sore from the PT Session Wednesday. So I skipped all of the hammy stuff.
I also didn’t get anything thing for back in last week, hence the last pulls and pull ups. Threw them in to make myself feel better. Did legs with the PT while hubby was doing back day, then did legs again with Hubby.

Busy weekend. I had family in town until late Saturday, that was a nice visit.
Meeting with the flight school went well last week. They have availability for another CFI. So I spent Sunday getting a business set up so I can start instructing. Weird. I technically own a business now.


Sounds like a fun friday to me :wink:

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It was a very enjoyable afternoon :grin:

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PT Session

Assisted Pull ups
3 x 10 x BW-40

DB Bench (slight incline)
3 x 12 x 35

Lat Pull downs (fixed machine, not cable)
3 x 10 x 125

Standing DB Curls
2 x 20 x 20

Lat Raise
3 x 12 x 12.5

Single arm, kneeling, cable, lat pull down things (definitely the right name)
2 x 20 x 20

Well, I made up for my lack of lat work last week. They are feeling sore already. Would have preferred more back focus, but not a terrible upper body day.



DB Incline Press
2 x 10 x 40
10 x 45

3 x 8 x 65

3 x 3 x BW

DB Chest Flyes
3 x 10 x 20
Single arm DB OHP
3 x 8 x 25

Shoulders were really feeling it today. Chest didn’t start kicking in until the Flyes.
Made it through this in less than and hour. Made a Dani protein bread recipe after. Fantastic night.


Pull (and a bit of legs)

Lat pulldown
10 x 70
3 x 10 x 85

Close grip chin pull down
2 x 10 x 70
10 x 85

Cable Horizonal low row
3 x 10 x 85

EZ Bar curls
50-40-30-20lb AMRAP with each dropset

Lat raises
2 x 10 x 10

Sled drag
100ft x 135 + sled
2 x 200ft x 180 + sled

Farmers Carries
3 x 100ft x 90 (2x45s)

Got the back day in this week! Headed out of town so I through in sled work with the carries to count as legs. Because this week I am skipping leg day.
Been feeling unmotivated last week and this week has been no different. Hope to get it back, but motivation cycles vary.

Headed south this weekend with some friends for some Jeepin. One of the last weekends our favorite doughnut shops will be open too, double the awesome!

Finally finished all of my paperwork for flight instruction. The school is working on a student for me as well, should be flying more regularly soon!


Upper Body

Incline DB Press
2 x 10 x 40
10 x 45

2 x 10 x BW - 30
5 x BW

Chin Pull downs
3 x 10 x 85

Pull ups
3 x 8 x BW -40

Machine horizontal row
3 x 8 x 100

Carries, various grip
3 x 100ft x 90

Combined push and pull days (not completely, dropped a couple of movements) to do a upper/lower split this week. I have two days open for the gym before heading out on the holiday weekend adventure.
I was feeling awesome on the weights, hit 10 reps on every set on pull downs and press, time to push the weight up!
I am getting really close to investing in a DB and KB set, pullups/dip station and a bench for home. New Year’s resolutions are around the corner and we all know what that means for the gyms. I love all of the equipment at my gym, but I am getting really tired of waiting in line when I want things.
My main hesitation on getting equipment for home is I live on the top floor of an apartment complex. I have no idea how much weight I dare put on that floor. We aren’t talking a squat rack and plates though, so it is probably okay.

Edit: weekend recap:
Went to Moab and a few other places with friends.
I ended up being the trail guide, apparently hubby and I have been on more trails than our friends. Way more.
We had a new Bronco, a new Sequoia and our Jeep. Ironically, the Toyota broke. Ha.
Our friend snuck this shot:


Ironmaster is going to have a black friday sale soon. They’ll have free shipping, and with that you can get their adjustable db set that ALSO goes with their adjustable KB handles AND weight vest. It’s a fantastic system, and very low footprint as a result.


I will have to check that out, adjustables would be perfect our space. Thanks for the heads up!

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Skipped Leg Day

Went for a walk instead. Total of 15k steps for the day.

Yup, saving for the home gym has started.


this made me sad

This cheered me up again.

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Me too, though not enough to get me to the gym! My consistency has definitely been lacking lately. My desire to go to the gym just isn’t there and I let little things talk me out of going.

Also yes! A home gym seems a lot more realistic in my space when I am not worried about a squat rack.

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Leg Press
10 x 190
10 x 280
10 x 370
10 x 420
5 x 460

Hip Thrust (machine)
2 x 10 x 135
10 x 155

Single leg curl
3 x 8 x 50

That’s all folks. Wanted to do GHRs and Prowler too, we waited for the prowler while talking to a buddy. After 15 minutes we gave up and went home.
I need to go heavier on hip thrusts and actually break out a bar for them… machines are just so much less setup.


Perhaps stands instead? Or a yoke? That way you get something you can squat out of AND carry.

I am worried about fitting and using a bar at all. I’m working with a space about 8’x8’, behind a couch, in front of a door, in a top floor apartment. The would-be dinning area.
I am thinking an adjustable set of DBs, a bench, and a pull-up/dip bar is about all that would fit. I am trying to fit a square peg in a round hole just so I don’t have to deal with a busy gym.
One of these days I’ll get a garage and a basement, but that is not in the cards yet!

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Could a stubby axle fit?


That could fit, it would be super awesome to have a bar. Never used an axle before either.

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