When I grow up, I want to be a Unicorn

The new PM has said multiple times he wants to teach me everything a PM would normally do, forecasting, budgets, billings, etc. I hope he follows through, because I will basically get to run the job, but he will still be the face of it. That would be the ideal way for me to learn.

Thank you for this! When I was hired, I was told the average track from APM to PM is 3-5 years. However, the other APM on my team is getting to run the second job I am on. (The one that isn’t a dumpster fire and has wonderful foremen on it.) They have worked there for two years. So it isn’t out of the question to get faster promotions.

I know you understand my job/industry very well! I am glad the story resonated.

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Congratulations on the accolades at work, yada, yada, yada.

But this:

This is the real achievement!

Seriously, though, congratulations. It’s always nice to be publicly recognized for a job well done!


Hope that you “feel better” soon, but I imagine that the compliment and ribeye will do the trick, eh?

I’ve always been curious to try a Cotopaxi products, and I think there are both pros and cons to carrying very brightly colored bags. But my curiosity is satiated for now because I recently got a Tom Bihn bag, haha. (Sorry, I love bags).

@SvenG There was a fair amount of fat on it, so it really was about 10-12oz of meat, but I’m counting it anyway! It was nice to have recognition, I can’t recall a time I received that much praise at work.

@Bagsy Indeed, nothing some cow and a pat on the back won’t fix!
No apologies are needed! I can talk bags and gear all day. Cotopaxi makes amazing bags (and their clothes are pretty nice too, I have a sweater and many of their T-Shirts) I own an Allpa 28L for my travel bag. I have hauled that thing through about a dozen countries and it goes on most of the Jeep trips. The thing still looks new. The organization in it is amazing. I also have a soft spot for my local brands, so there is that.


I am SO glad that someone else appreciates the genius in mixing these together. I get made fun of for doing it all of the time, but it is the PERFECT combo. PERFECT!!!

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It is so good! The people making fun are missing out. Mixing Oikos Triple Zero Strawberry and cottage cheese is my favorite.

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10k Swing Challange

Swings and Presses + Random
40lb KB, 70lb BB Press
Done in 18:54

EZ Bar curls 40 x 12, 10, 8
Incline DB Bench 30 x 15, 13, 12

Oh I have missed the barbell. Particularly when it involves pressing over my head. Already thinking of too many plans to do next year…


I heard a rumor that Jon Anderson gets goosebumps every time someone says this exact phrase.


I am glad I didn’t have coffee in my mouth when I read that, it would have been all over my computer.


10k Swing Challange

Swings and (Bench) Dips
Done in 16:56 (First time was 20:29)

Took almost no breaks on this one. Hacked almost 4 minutes off week one. I am happy with that!


10k Swing Challange

Swings Only
This went - 175+75+75+50+50+50+25
Done in 15:06

Just 1000 swings left!



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I really wanted to beat last week’s 150… Pro tip, put on the new season of Jack Ryan and make like a metronome.

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10k Swing Challange

Swings and Goblet Squats
Done in 16:29

Almost there.
Got these knocked out before work. Parents are coming into town tomorrow night, so that means a deep apartment clean tonight. Wanted to get the swings out of the way.


10k Swing Challenge

Swings Only
This was - 200+75+75+75+50+25
Done in 16:12

The end. I know this was supposed to be swings and pull-ups, but it is 20 outside and I didn’t feel like going down to the park to use a bar. I am okay with it, swings and effort were there.

From yesterday, the last two rounds. Since I doubt anyone wants to watch a full 16 minutes of metronome:

Some ramblings:
Hubby and I are off to a desert adventure until the new year. Plan on hitting three states, many National Parks and of course, as much dirt as we can get our tires on. Postings will be scarce until we return.
On that note, I hope you all have wonderful holidays!

Upon the New Year: I plan on returning to a 531 template. I’ll be getting back Jan 2nd, so new plan would start on the full week after that (Jan 9th). The short week back I plan on being in the gym, testing out my back to see if I can deadlift without pain. That is the ultimate determining factor at this point. I am hoping the full 10 days off during travel will fix it. I also have a doc appointment in a few weeks and I may bring it up to get their opinion. Time will tell, I am not locked onto any set plan.


Congratulations! That’s an awesome achievement.

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Thank you! It feels awesome to knock those out!

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Trip recap and photo dump

Day 1 -
Bryce Canyon and a drive through Zion

Stunning weather. So good to see snow on the red rocks.


Day 2…3 and 4?
Mojave Trail and Death Valley

Took our Gladiator Mojave to the Mojave Desert. All was right with the world until our tent tried to eat us at 2am. Wind was gusting about 35mph. Where we set up was solid rock so we hadn’t been able to stake the tent down. The tent walls were coming in around us so we got up, took the tent down, threw it in the back of the truck and started driving. Drove until about 4am, both of us were starting to nod. Pulled over, and slept in the front seats of the truck until around 6am. Kept on driving until a stop for breakfast around 8. So. Many. Joshua Trees. Can’t say I loved the Mojave Trail.
Death Valley was warm and pretty. Man, I am a scenery snob.


Nice photos! Thanks for sharing.

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