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When I Flex I Have Decent Abs...


... But if i totally relax/slouch, my gut sticks out bad

when stand in a relaxed pose, or basically slouch, i have a big gut. but when i stand with a good posture, shoulders back, chest out, i have nice abs.

im going to attach pics

look i am no body builder, but i am a total athlete and i can bang out a hundred sit ups, 100 push-ups and run 10 miles etc.
I have always had this issue with my stomach though.
my dad has the same issue. he has a rock hard stomach but it sticks out. so i always figured i had a bad body shape, my ribs slightly flare out at the bottom near my belly and i have begun to think maybe this is just the way i'm built and o well!

but im not settling for that as an answer just yet. so im asking for some help on here. does anyone know why this happens and what i can do to get rid of this problem asap!?


hahahaha this thread is going to be funny!
Don't slouch like a troll lol seriously you wonder why a muscle looks better when flexed?

"My arms look great when they are pumped and I flex them in a double biceps pose but when the are relazd they look smaller and softer."

Sorry for being a dick but you shouldnt stress about this shit. Try and improve your posture.


GH gut?


Maybe its your diet? Eating food that doesnt agree with you? I have that problem sometimes.. it stays for days.

On my fitness instructor course, which i had to do to be able to do the pt course, our instructor said about weak tranverse abs, which causes the stomach to stick out. Bit skeptical about that though.


Hold your stomach in at all times


Do you know how I know you're gay?


How do you train your core? If you only do crunches/sit ups you will be neglecting the muscles that draw your gut up and in as well as those that actually aid in proper movement. Read up on modern core training and FFS don't slouch.


Your posture is horrible



Front squats


Pull your shoulder blades back and stick your chest out. AKA standing up straight


I am looking... and you are neither of those things




i think you may be pregnant, but luckily there's a simple solution.....


I think the OP is that transgendered dude who was pregnant.


visceral fat


nice tits brah

fix your posture and add some muscle to your frame.

Who cares if you can do 100 pushups when you look like you cant do 8.

Im sure youd rather be able to do 75 but look like you can do 200.


oh yea. vid or didnt happen regarding the 100 pushups.


And keep in mind OP, I believe youtube has a 10 min limit to boring ass pushup vids.



So get to work.




If you've got enough videos, you're allowed 15 minutes.

Just sayin...