When I bulk...creatine and mag10...

Okay I’m currently cutting, have a few more weeks to go. I’m 6’4 and 189 currently, hopefully getting down to 10% then put on mass like nobodies business.

I plan on taking Prolab creatine (Hear it’s very good, as it uses Creapure) and I’m curious about Mag10. Would it benefit me? I plan on doing OVT when I bulk, taking Creatine, and whey protein. I’m looking for any edge I can get. I hear alot of people swear by Mag10.

All I can say is go over to netrtion and buy a couple of bottles of the pill form, keep your diet inline (increasing calories, protein, etc.), and you’ll never ask about Mag-10 again.

Especially with OVT, you’ll make some tremendous gains.

2 week cycles are recommended, but most do longer cycles. The longer the cycle the better gains of course, but you’ll want to look into picking up some methoxy7 andTribex or RedKat to lock in your gains post cycle.

Just try it.

Mag-10 will make creatine look like Flintstones vitamins. Just remember to eat enough protein. You can take both at the same time if you want as they work by different mechanisms. OVT is a good workout choice.

Okay, sounds good. Last question: Side effects? I know it’s similar in composition to a steroid but w/o such things as gyno, hair loss, etc. There is no way any of this can occur on Mag10 correct?