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When/How to Take D3?


Hi buddies,

Its winter time down here in Oz-land, so I got myself dome vitamin D3 capsules.

So I was wondering when am I meant to take this stuff? At lunch time when the sun is meant to be at its brightest?? Am I meant to take it with food? One capsule is 1000IU. How many capsules should i be taking and how often??

And for bonus points, for those that had taken D3, have you noticed any effects, and how long did it take you to notice these effects.

Uncle Bird.



Yes. I take vitamin d3 starting from september 21st- march 1st or so. I take 4000 iu's and 700 iu's in a multivitamin. Your body absorbs about 10000 a day in the summer. Your body cant overdose from sunlight, and toxicity from supplemental vitamin D typically occurs after 40000 iu. 10000 is the upper recommended limit. That said, I have found that 10000 iu's a day makes me itch and get headaches. No idea why.


Dietary fat is meant to help with Vitamin D absorption, though this isn't really conclusive. It also doesn't seem to matter when one takes it, although some people report high doses of D interfering with sleep if taken in the evening. Dosage is also a highly personal thing; have you had your D levels checked in a blood panel?

I take mine with breakfast, from the fall through to the spring about 6000 IU per day. Mind you, Germany in the wintertime is somewhat darker than Oz. :slightly_smiling:


Dankeshe my German friend.

I have not had my blood analysed. Do you notice much difference when you do/do not take it?



Vitamin D3 is fat soluble, theoretically highest absorbtion with you largest/highest dat meal of the day, i take it before bed with liquid omega 3 and feel like i'm getting all the benefits. Not a supplemnt you need to overthink really, like i tell my gf, put it in your mouth and swallow. I take 7500-10,000 a day for a couple days to up blood levels then maitain dose at 5,000. I feel better for it personally.


I take a tablet with 5000 IU in the morning with my fish oil, just before my breakfast omelette.

Have been thinking about upping the dose.


Thanks for the input little buddies.

So what benefits do you notice with this supplement? What do you notice when you stop taking it?



Vitamin D is vitamin dope. I notice a big difference in my mood and cognitive functions. Must have supp.


During the not so sunny seasons where I live, I take 15,000-20,000 IU. Right now it is quite sunny, so I just go outside shirtless for 30-60 min during peak hours (11 AM- 3PM).

Obviously take it with a fat containing meal at whatever time of day, but the point of my post is to suggest that toxicity from supplementation does not start at 10,000 IU or anything. I believe the body can synthesize 25,000 IU from sun exposure. my $.02


Yes, as soon as I upped my supplementation from 2000 IU to 6000 IU per day I noticed a lower susceptibility for colds and a generally better mood. It's really hard to say, though, if this wasn't just placebo effect. I take D3 more for general hormonal support and overall health and longevity.


I take 5,000 d3 in the am or pm with a protein shake and 2g coconut oil.


I'd been thinking I don't really notice any effects day to day, but I have eczema/dry skin, and since I've been regularly taking vitamin D and fish oil my skin has improved loads. So much so that I hardly need to use any moisturizer any more.

I also notice a definite "pick me up" effect when I get back to taking the D3 after a holiday or whatever.


i was able to get my levels up fastest by taking a huge dose of 50,000 iu twice/week

I not take 4000 iu/day to maintain


I notice no obvious benefit from taking 2000IU of D3 a day. I take it because I trust the research.


where are you guys getting this info from????

Get blood tested, find out how far you are from optimal levels. Normal levels range from 30-80ng/ml while high normal ranges from 81-100ng/ml (excess is over 100) 32 is optimal for US 80 is optimal for international.

doses can be done at:
50,000 - 100,000 ius 2x a week (Monday/Thursday)


A daily dose of 4,000 to 5,000 IUs, or a single weekly large dose of 35,000 IUs, is effective to raise vitamin D to optimal levels.



^ A really good website is examine.com/supplements/Vitamin+D/


5,000IU a day with breakfast, also high Magnesium and Vitimin K2 MK-4 dosage to go with it. It has made me feel heaps better overall, and I feel stronger on it




Did a bloodtest a while ago, was deficient in Vit D3, at a quite high level. At the time, got a lot of acne.

Took 5000 UI a day for some time, at first I saw improvement in skin & mood. After a while I stopped it because I did not feel any noticeable effect... I took it at evening with my dinner.


I'm taking 10000iu first thing in the morning, but I'm now in the Northern Territory for 6 weeks so its like being in summer again.

Might drop it to 5kiu as a maintenance level.