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When/How to Take Anavar?

10 weeks total, tapered doses, I dunno man. You’ll grow in Var (or anything) if you eat and train right, that’s what they are meant for. Steroids don’t get you cut.

Just to give you some personal experience I’m on 360mg weekly for 10 weeks and fairly underwhelmed. Def stronger in the gym, but I just started to feel it at week 5, and I’m doing 16 weeks total and considering going to 20. Trying to eat enough to take advantage is hard for me, I’m just not that hungry. And that’s the biggest factor.

So for you, by the time you hit week 10 you’ll have just a couple weeks at a decent dose and bam, cycle is over. Whatever you gained likely won’t stick around, and you’ll be disappointed.

With Var I’d worry less about liver and more about lipids.

why didnt u like it?

Acne, water retention, moonface, autonomic dysfunction.

Also too much glycogen retention, would give my muscles a permenantly pumped up look that was extremely temporary. I don’t like the idea of getting used to that look and losing it the second I drop the dose.

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Do you still progress on the same dose?