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When/How to Take Anavar?

yo hello guys

im wondering when is the best time starting taking anavar + T.enanthate
the cycle would look like this
anavar for 6 weeks + T.enanthate for 10 weeks. questions :

~ is it better to take anavar as soon as first time T injection ? or is it better to wait until the 2nd week of T shot ? ( u know, to make the T in our body higher first

~should i take anavar once a day or should i divide into 2 dose in a day?

~anyone using anavar , and does it REALLY build muscle ?


Is this your first cycle? If it is, test only is recommended for first cycle. However, if it is your first cycle and you’re dead set on using anavar, take it at the end of your cycle so you can get an idea on how you react to test only first. If you were to take anavar and test from the very beginning and something went wrong, you wouldn’t know which compound was the culprit.


IMO, never take orals once a day when you take them more often. I always took them in the morning and the evening, because I worked 7:30am to 4:00pm and didn’t want to take them at noon also.

Steroids build muscle?

thanks! thats so informative
and yes its my first cycle
how long do u think i should do Test and var ?

umm well all steroid does build muscle
but what i meant was : will the result noticable - for size ? since var is a popular cutting steroid :confused:

never take oral once a day … wonder the reason why ?
since anavar elimination time is around 10hr , is this the reason why ?

First cycle=Test only as you’ve been advised. If you are insistent on adding the anavar wait until you see how the test affects you and then potentially add it in the last 4 weeks or so and slit dose. The elimination time is 10-12 hours but the half life is shorter so the split dosing will help maintain more consistent levels through her day.
Typical first cycle would be 500 mg/wk for weeks 1-10
Anavar week 6-10 at 25-50 mg/day split morning and afternoon.
What do you have for organ protection and ancillary products??
Whats your PCT plan or are you on HRT?

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it all depends on how you eat, train, what are your genetics.
there are people who take 200mg of test and grow a lot and there are people who take grams of gear and dont gain anything…
steroids dont work unless you do, AND your genetics also. Most people who take steroids never gain anything on them, and never look like they ever did steroids because if you are shit before you take them, its a sign that you dont really have your basics together.
Steroids multiply what you already have. If you have nothing, then you just get more of nothing.

Well thats the answer… you dont want to be on steroids for 10 hours out of 24 - you would want to be ON the whole day… Split in 3 dosages at best.

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Doses? I’d suggest test frequency often enough to account for low SHBG. Test first then add Var in later

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yes for the protection ( as Var is a 17a-Alkylated steroid) so i take :
N-Acetylcistein , Vitamin E and Vitamin C ( as antioxidant)

as for PCT :
Clomiphene 50mg/day for 4-5 weeks

and question again :
should i take Clomiphene DURING the cycle ? *since having sudden high above normal level testosterone would cause increase in Estrogen levels too
if so… how often and how much ?

yea i read about “muscle receptors” and thats why genetic DOES play role aswel
because anedoctally, this Mr.Var mostly being used as cutting steroid , not for adding size
so couldnt expect much huh?

yessir, ill divided into 2-3 doses daily

as my first cycle
Test.Enanthate :
1st week - 4th week : 300mg/week

  • ill see how this T work in my body. if nothing serious happening
    4th week - 8th or 10th week : 500mg/week
    *anyway , should i do the shot once a week or twice a week (250mg every 3-4 days) ?

Mr.Var dose :
on the 4th week of T : 10mg/day << also i wanna see how my body reacts to it if no bad things happen then
on the 5th week - 8th week of T : 20mg/day

what do u think ??

I think you need to do a whole lot more reading and provide more pertinent information if you want any sort of plausible answer from anyone. Not saying this to be an ass but to help you not fuck yourself up.

Every other thread is basically a “first cycle, seeking advice” thread so start with those using the search function and read up on the constructive comments by the more experienced, well-meaning members of this subforum.

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If you eat at a caloric surplus, you will gain in mass and size, no matter what steroid, if any you are consuming. Steroids should be used as icing on the cake of a very well designed training program that you have been following for years and maxed out (or nearly maxed out your genetic potential), followed by an optimal diet and recovery. If those factors aren’t in check, you should skew your expectations towards getting larger and stronger while using PEDs and then going back to your plain old self within a month after stopping use.

its hard to tell as i dont know what is “much” for you… women tend to gain a lot on var… there are some guys who swear by it also.
Of you are 250lbs already and take 50mgs of var of var for a few weeks, you wont notice much…

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Thank you for giving me the answer , really appreciate it

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That’s not entirely true. Unless you’ve got AIS you’re gonna gain on AAS. However you might not gain that much.

Let’s say you’re six foot two and weigh only 130lbs, you take steroids and get up to 160… You’ve gained, but you’ll still look thin unless you have absolutely god tier insertions. Even then, you’ll look lean and wiry… Not muscular.

No one is going to take 500mgs of test/wk, start off at say… 155lbs and end up being 155lbs at the exact same body composition.

I’d personally never use that much testosterone… Not a chance in hell… 150mgs/wk is my current max dose for test, and it actually blows 100mg/wk out of the water. I’ve tried up to 250mg/wk, don’t like it…

I made a simple comment earlier. I would prefer to be asked in person by a person in the gym who I have seen lifting weights. There I have an idea if you have ANY genetic potential to justify taking the risk of using AAS’s.

So, I ask, what have you done to build some kind of a foundation?
How tall you and what do you weigh?
What is your age?
How long have you been lifting weights?
What can you bench press for 10 reps? or 5 reps? or max 1 single?
What can you squat? (same rep questions)
What can you deadlift? (Same rep questions)
How many pullups can you do?

Much progress can be made without AAS’s.

You don’t seem to wanna listen. This is how this should be run.
Test E or C at 500 mg/wk split into 2 shots weeks 1-10. Keep this the same. Increaing the dose in the last few weeks is pointless.
Add in the Var at week 6-10 at the end. Not in the middle. Take it split doses once in the AM and once in the PM.
Get an AI and have it on hand in case you notice any estrogen sides coming on.
I can’t speak to your PCT as I am not experienced in this.
Make sure you have liver/organ protection on board from day 1.
There is no need to complicate this. I wouldn’t even use the var on your first cycle. You won’t need it.
Eat right and train hard and you will have great results on the test alone.