When/How to Make Changes to Plan

When training/dieting for fat loss we should all throw away the bathroom scale.

What other tools can I use to make sure I’m on the correct path? Waist measurements? Caliper measurements? Strength gain/loss? Weekly pictures?

Lastly, how far into the diet should we begin applying these methods and how often after that? weekly? monthly?

Thanks in advance!

I use the mirror, and how well my clothing fits. I know this can be subjective, but scales and to some degree tape measures dont give an accuaret assessment of muscle vs. fat.

I try not to stop and get any sort of reading until a few weeks, or even a month has past. Of course my training partner will make comments like ‘your shoulders look like they’re tightening up’, which goads me on a bit.

Best of luck


yes. i also use my clothes as an indicator. or comments from friends/coworkers.

i guess pictures must be my best bet.