When/How to Incorporate Glute Ham Raise

i was just wondering when/how you guys incorporate the Glute Ham Raise in your routines. i’m not a powerlifter but i’ve recently started giving them a whirl. i’ve been supersetting them with my weighted pistols. anyway jsut curious, thanks.

I’ve started to do a couple sets in my warm up sometimes, and do them after EVERY lower body session for various reps and sets. I had never really done them consistently until my powerlifting team set up our own facility, I didnt have access to the machine before. Great movement.

For all the guys that want to make their own GHR, I came across this on another forum. The Poor Man’s Equipment Thread was full so I am posting it here.

I do them after every training session to prevent hamstring injuries

i like to do them after deadlifts since deads take a bit for me to recover from anyway and GHR’s are very easy on the back and finish off my glutes / hammies pretty good.