When/How Did You Notice Test E Taking Effect?

Hey all,

I’m on my first cycle of Test E at 500mg a week, currently just entering my 4th week.

I’ve read a lot of mixed information online of when and how people notice that it’s taking effect on your body. It’s got me thinking what are everyone’s personal opinions on how and when they noticed that their Test E was taking effect?
Is it hunger? Noticeable gains? Sides?

I know obviously everyone is different so just wanted a topic of discussion to collate differences in opinions constructively not destructively :slight_smile:

Hope you’re all having a good week!

What are your stats? How much calories are you eating? Usually you’d start seeing gains in 4-6 weeks. That’s what I felt in my current Test Cyp cycle. Weight seems to be constant, because I’m shredding fat for sure, gained lean muscle mass too. Your diet and training plays an important role.

Body fat 15ish% (educated guess but I’d need a scan to be sure!)

I work an office job at the moment so stationary for the most part of my job.

Currently eating 2100 calories.

Been on 500mg of Test E for just over 3 weeks now, just last few days I’ve been getting sooo hungry! Haha not sure if it’s kicking in a making me hungry or something.

I’d like to piggyback on this thread. I just started my first cycle Test C cycle at 600mg/week pin E3D (~260mg/pin). I am going to do my 4th shot tomorrow night. I took 7.5mg Aromasin with each pin. As I do it at night, my workout the next day after my first pin I felt like I could feel it. My joints also felt dry from the Aromasin. I used Novadex XT from Gaspari as a stand alone 11 years ago when I was 19 like an idiot, but I remember what crashing my estrogen felt like to my joints. But I would rather not have gyno or be emotional than have a few days with dry joints at the beginning of my cycle to figure out how much AI I need. I plan to just keep taking 7.5mg with every pin until I notice high/low signs. It’s been 2 days since my last pin, and part of me felt a little amped or aggressive, and like I have been a little stronger, and I have recovered better from my last few workouts, but also maybe a little lethargic, like maybe my estrogen is low already. Like, I kinda won’t feel like working out even but then I’ll go and once I’m working out I feel like I am on a cycle. I’ve been natty for 12 years so I’m convinced I would know if I feel different. I also feel like I noticed an improvement in libido, harder erections, etc.

What does anyone think? Should I keep taking the aromasin like I am? Is any of what I think I am noticing even possible yet or is it all placebo?

from what I’ve read you shouldn’t pop an AI unless you absolutely need to.

First, I think you’re not getting nearly enough calories if you hope to get the most out of your cycle. You’re eating about half of what you should be.

After two cycles, I personally do not notice a switch being flipped to where I feel different. It’s subtle, and I honestly don’t realize how good I felt, until I run PCT and come down from it. THEN, I realize how great I felt and miss the feeling.

Both cycles I gained 15lbs+ in weeks 2-6 and a bit more in the final few weeks.