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When & How can i get big?

I am young only 15. I have read about a million different ways to gain strength and muscle. I need a few que’s answered. Should I base my diet like this. Wake up and eat protien, lunch go to a carb based meal, one to three hours later work out, then immediatly after protien up heavily mixed with a little carb? I cannot use supplements so I ave created this diet, tell me if its is worth doing and if you could give me and alternative or some plan to make me living MUSCLE. I have genetics greatly against me as well, keep that in mind when answering. I want to be able to have a great body from the stomach up. FYI I currently max at 170 bench press, and want to be able to do 250 in about six to eight months. Please help I’m desprite

T-mag has a series of articles called “Dawg School”. Read them. Also read “Foods that make you look good naked” and “the missing ingredient” and “Youth Gone Wild.” Start there then keep reading. Use the search engine at T-mag to find them. You have a lot of homework to do.

all u have to do is EAT!!! yeah, yeah u said genetics are against u, but if u are training as hard as u say u r, then u won’t have a problem putting some muscle on. nuff preaching, what u said is alright, but i’d say have a protein shake upon waking or a high amount of protein in the forum of whatever u wish, eat a good lunch, lots of protein still, try to have a snack in between classes in the morning something like cottage cheese and fruit or a sandwich (i found personally in high school sandwichs r your best friend to put on muscle providing they contain enough protein), then a snack 1hr to 45min before the workout, then have a post workout meal where u have twice as much simple (sugary) carbs as protein (so for instance 25g pro 50g carbs). u want to have that influx of inxulin right after your workout so make sure u get the carbs as well. have a normal dinner, whatever your mom makes, then before bed have another protein shake or some kind of protein, to help with muscle repair during the night. remember your still young so your hormones r ragin like mad. u can still eat the things u like but cause your still VERY young, so don’t be so fickle about what u eat, as long as u put the time in the gym the results will come. in one of the t-mag articles it is compasred to a mild roid cycle, so just BE PATIENT, and the results will come, eat like this for a couple of months, and decide for yourself if i’m bullshitting. but just to let u know i went from 6’2 155 in grade 10 to 6’3 210 (very little fat) in my senior year just by eating and training hard (and i knew nothing about postworkout nutrition, protein, etc so u r already a step ahead of the rest)

What’s this crap about having “a great body from the stomach up”? Train legs, or five years down the road you’ll realize how out of proportion you are. Then, you’ll have to cut back on upper body work to devote more time to lower body, and you’ll be mediocre. Train both from the start, and you’ll get big with good symmetry.