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When Have You Used Strength in Real Life?


I want stories about when you lifted things 500lbs OR OVER IN NON-GYM SETTINGS, preferably with illustration.

thank you.

Photo: Alexander Zass, a Cossack native of the city of Orenburg, in the Ural mountains, one of the most celebrated Russian heroes of the 20th century carries a small horse through a river.. or something.


^ I was married to a fat woman does that count, I carried her fat ass for 5 years.


If she was over 500lbs. Yes.


Nope only half that, but it was for 5 years. :slightly_smiling:

I have held down full grown hogs to cut them, sorry nobody took pictures of them.

Just curious why the 500lb mark?


I dont know too many people who can DL 500lbs.... Do you? That's like...Piano weight, no?


i have dug out and carried many a tree stump or block of concrete, but why 500lbs?


because I'm interested in stories about spectacular feats, not tree stumps, concrete and wives :wink: I KNOW you're all VERY strong...


I dont know about piano but it would be like my X-wife and her mother standing on a table in front of the buffet that used to be open until they lost money on feeding those two heifers.

I used to know quite a few people that could DL 500. I am trying to get back to it, about 70 lbs away.


Okay Bre sorry I will stop messing around.

So what about strongman competitions would those be considered? In this day and age not a lot of reason to lift horses.


I once got tired of watching my girlfriend at the time try to work that stupid screw jack that comes with you car. She was changing the rear tire and had put the spare on and started on the half hour journey to lower the car back to teh ground so I reached out, grabbed the wheel well and lifted the car off the jack to make it quicker.

Of course it was a geo metro so the whole car only weighs about 500 lbs. lol.


Strongman competitions not really real life setting.. it's a competition. :slightly_smiling:


Used to work in a tire yard. And a ranch, plenty of things over 500 pounds that I lifted, but I don't usually pull out the scale to see what it weighed.


That's impressive... Two door hatchback geo metro is 1650lbs. Nice work man!


Like what, BC?


I've picked up the end of felled trees to slide a log under them and make them easier to cut up.

I've pulled a 4 wheeler up on a tailgate.

I've used about all my strength to break loose bolts.


NICE! :slight_smile: A Yamaha four wheeler has a dry weight of 1160 pounds ...for example.


I can think of many times raw power has come in handy. But the main thing that stands out is being able to pull people soaking wet and fully clothed out of ocean. And this act was repeated many times.


My god, don't you have a conference or something to attend?



Alive or dead.


This was a little 2WD honda 250, it doesn't weigh 1100 pounds, probably more in the 400 pound range.