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When Have You Built Your Base?


First of all Hello everybody i'm a new user although I have been lurking for quite sometime now. Anyway I'm looking for a bit of direction as to what I should do with my routine. I see all these people and articles saying to wait to do a split routine until you have built your "base" or foundation, and until then stick with the 3day fullbody type routines.

So I have been lifting using a 3day/week type routine for about a year and a half now and have gone from 5'6'' 115lbs to 5'7'' 155lbs. My box squat is 315x2, DL 350x4, Bench 225x1. Lately I have been stalling so much both on size and strenght gains, so my question is have I built enough of a "base" to move on to doing a split type routine? Apologies for not being very concise.


Yes. Apologies for being so concise.


You just need to eat more. If youre happy with your program and it sensible all you need to do is eat more. You arent gaining because you arent eating enough. Start tracking your calories and eat more until you start gaining weight.

Read the nutrition articles in the beginners forum sticky if you want. Acutally you should probably read every nutrtiion article here.


What Bonez said.

Your strength appears to be above the beginner stage at your weight and congrats on gaining 40 pounds! Not too shabby. Then again you're 155 which still leaves ample room for natural growth. For me at 6 foot, that would be like weighing 175 or so. Personally at that weight, I wouldn't explore new things and change my routine. What I would do is simply eat more like Bonez said.

Not junk food. Make sure the increased cals are sensible. Maybe something like an extra Surge Shake during your workout and maybe 20-30 almonds in the AM. From this point forward, you have some choices. A split would definitely be worth trying at some point, but you don't have to go out tomorrow (or today, or anytime in the next 8 weeks) and change your training. Perhaps just change your diet (increased cals). What's your diet look like (including peri workout)?

FWIW I weighed 172 about 3 months ago (<--see avatar). Now I'm sitting at ~205.


Thanks everybody, although I have been making slow steady gains I am sure both of you are correct in saying that I could be gaining way more if I ate enough. Bulletproof to answer your question I do not have a definite diet that I follow everyday. An outline of what I usually eat would be like 1/2 gallon of 2% milk over the course of the day in addition to 4-5 average sized meals. A few weeks back I did GOMAD with whole for about 2 weeks during which time I was taking in about 4000 cals/day and I gained 5 fairly lean pounds. However I was forced to stop GOMAD because my parents cut off my milk supply, they thought it was unhealthy and just didn't get it, I'm only 16 so they still have some control over me. I do not count calories, though it seems I damn well better start doing so.


No - counting calories is overly complicated for you. And it sounds like you are gaining, so keep it up. Steady gains are good!

Feel free to count protein though. Your best bet is to just make sure you get at least a gram of protein per pound of body weight.

You'll know if overall you're eating enough to gain, just as you'll learn what it means to back off.

True your parents have certain control of your diet, but would they stop you from eating reasonable portions of several different things if you convinced them you were just that hungry? Just don't eat up any one thing so that they take notice. But if you eat a bit of hamburger, some chicken, some cottage cheese, some milk, some potatoes, some rice, some nuts... see what I mean?


Yeah I see what your saying Bulletproof, thanks again and I guess I'll hold off on counting then


Matnisi, it's good you're coming here at 16 years old and seem open to good advice. The above posters have solid suggestions, take that and run with it.

Milk, beef, steak, cottage cheese, eggs, sausage, ham, peanut butter, and chicken are your friends. PS, your parents might be less against you eating enough food to gain weight if you offer to cook for the family once in a while. It's good practice (every man should know how to cook well), you save them some work, making them less likely to complain about your eating habits, AND you get to gear the meals towards your nutritional needs, while showing them that eating a healthy diet can taste damn good. Make sense?


For the sake of being thorough. Thats only a list of protein and he should have added fish :). Potatoes, rice, oat(meal) and grains (in that order, well rice and potatoes are about equal in my opinion and oatmeal is always good, go with steel cut if you can) are good carb sources. Eat all veggies (corn isnt a veggie). For fats: olive oil, coconut oil, avocado, fatty fish (white fishes have less healthy fats), nuts, and the animal fat running through the meat is good ( I trim the outside layer).


I'd switch programs. Apart from advanced programs like Doggcrap you could do anything-5/3/1, OVT, WS4SB3 etc


Alright thanks again everybody for the comments/advice


I would say you definitely have a good base, considering your size, age and lifts. Trust the advice from Bonez H4m and tiger, they know what they are talking about.

You lift almost as much as me yet you are 20 lbs smaller and quite a bit younger. I've only been training for 8 months, but those numbers are pretty good considering your stats. If they are all full ROM then keep it up, you will be strong by the time you get to your 20's.