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When Growth Slows


I've enjoyed your contributions here Shadow.

A little background. I've been bodybuilding for 30 + years. I am 5'11" and 250 @ 10-12% (for a while now). Put on 10 pounds lean over last two years. Was natural until about 3 years ago (i'm in my 40s). I average around 1-1.2g/week androgens. I don't have the cash for GH. My diet is 90% clean and consistent for last 3 years (most who know me tease me about it), all foods weighed/counted. Cals: ~4,000-4,300 Prot: ~350g Carbs:~500g. Fat:~80-90g. My training is right for me (I've got plenty of experience and a PhD in ExPhys). Last time I took the stage was in 1992 (first time in 1985) and have no plans to compete again but I am just as focused as ever to put on size.

I was wondering if you hit a plateau at anytime over the last few years and what approach you took to grow past it. For me I'm talking about going from 250lbs - 265lbs at same BF% for example.

I just seem to be at a stand still. When I eat more I get fat. When I diet its difficult to hold on to muscle. When I up my dosages I do not see a significant return. Will androgens and food alone get me any further?

Thanks for any experience you might share.

-(posting anonymously for career reasons)


More food more drugs mate more bitches more money more gym more weight more everything