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When Feeling Burned Out...

Take a week off, eat more, sleep more?

Would that be a practical solution? Too bad I’m feeling this way a week before Christmas, and not during that week.

Are you gaining weight regularly?

So, just keep going if you’re going to slack off next week. Up your intake a bit.

If you’re really feeling fried, sometimes the best medicine is just a change of pace. I’ll break from my usual split and just do 3 short but intense full body workouts for a week. I get 2 more days off, still get solid workouts, and usually feel a little better off the following week.

Be sure to not drop your plans just because you feel a little sluggish. Grab a cup of tea/coffee/Spike/whatever and finish the week out.

Take a deload week, eg same weights and excercises but half the sets and reps and maybe one less workout a week

What kind of workout are you doing? If you’ve been grinding away with heavy sets six times a week, you probably need a break.

Eat more, sleep more, persevere until the holidays, and take some time off. At least that’s what I’m doing :).

If you are dieting…man up
If you are lifting heavy…deload
If you are lifting volume…eat more
If you are lifting and doing 3+ cardio…cardio less

Im interested in as to what your definition of burnout is.

But I am glad to see that your listening to your body and not following some arbitrary guidline that has you de-loading once every 4 weeks.

If you feel run down, lost all motivation to workout and feel lethargic, I’d take a week off. The only activities you should be doing is walking, cleaning the house, sleeping, eating, and possibly doing a woman.


[quote]forbes wrote:
possibly doing a woman.



it’s totally sweet

Thanks for the suggestions. Was waiting for an email to let me know I had a reply, and when it came I had several, heh.

Just feeling run down and hungry more often than normal, with no change in diet.

Been trying to sleep 8-9 hours a night, but usually my body wakes itself up on it’s own schedule, so 7-8 is more realistic.

I’ve been trying to ramp up my calorie intake, I’ve put on a little over 5 pounds in the past six weeks or so, while seeing improvements in body comp… so it’s probably necessary to add a bit.

As for my lifting, I’ve been trying some variant of a 10x3, doing a couple lifts a day four times a week.

Sounds as if you are just tired, or perhaps do not have enough energy.
Perhaps you may increase your slow digesting carb intake slightly. Alternatively, relax a tad bit. May help