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When Family Finds Out


My family just found out and assume that I must of been on for awhile because of my gains and Im always pissed and what not, BUT Ive always been a dickhead with a pissy attitude and all, yet they assume its steroids in fact its only been 1 cycle at low amounts of test and d bol, how can I get the fact through to them that this has nothing to do my attitude in general I told them to study into yet there too "old fashioned" to think anything else......... anyone else have that problem?


hahaha. If your family is open minded, then just try and explain. There is a short video on youtube that goes for 10mins, search Steroids and it will come up.

That is my WORST nightmare.
My family would look down on me if they found out, because they share the view of the public.

I've been asked a few times "you're not on drugs are you?" Or when that stupid documentary comes on TV "The Mans Whos Arm Exploded" they're like, "See that what steroids does to you" me "Yeah but thats Synthol not proper steroids" them "stay off steroids" lol

haha I am about to start my first cycle soon.
See if they get even more suspicious.


I told my wife(now ex) a while back and she started blaming everythig on them and started making dire predictions. She forgot to give a shit after awhile though. I'm sure your family will be the same. I haven't told my family because I don't want them to worry about me, but I don't really feel ashamed or that it's wrong.


my wife is fairly cool about my use of ASS, but EVERYTHING gets blamed on ASS, me having a headache being in a bad mood, being tired, horny, irritable, sore, doing smelly shits, being constipated, all stuff that woud only happen in a blue moon and previously went by un-noticed but now ASS gets the blame for anything I do that is even slighty different from "normal" behaviour.

I would find it hard to lie to my mum and she once asked me recently are you taking anything? I said like what pills? and she said yes, I was able to hold my head high and truthfully tell her no I was not taking any pills, thank god I had just stoppped taking an Anabol kick start. She didnt ask if I was injecting though did she!


My wife is completely cool with my use and she was the same exact way. Everything was due to AAS the minute I took my first injection, same kind of stuff you are mentioning. What I did was I started beating her to the punch and blaming ridiculous things on the AAS, making her laugh. Then I started blaming her ailments and my AAS use. That was the kicker, and after that she couldn't seriously blame anything on steroids any more without the both of us snickering and her sounding ridiculous.

My parents, on the other hand, I will never tell, and I will straight up lie if I am asked because, however right thinking they are in everything else, they are completely media-brainwashed about this issue. But you know what? No one can prove you are using, short of a drug test. So just let them no that you don't appreciate being asked a question that is a catch-22 for you. If you deny, you are suspected of lying, if you admit, then you are a bad guy, too. It's not fair to you and all they can do is trust you.

Now if you have already admitted it. Well, now it becomes your responsibility to educate them.


2 questions:

  1. How old are you?

  2. How'd they find out?

No offense, but at 6'2", 180, I doubt they just jumped to that conclusion based upon your size.


This thread is interesting. Two comments. Now, at 50, when I get HRT and start acting like a man again (in all ways), my wife blames the T for giving me a temper. Well, I'm glad I get pissed when you're supposed to get pissed, not like that high E turnip I was for ten years.

 Second, DON'T DO THIS. I'm a shrink, and I had a 22 year old kid I was treating for "anger management", (he had ended up in jail and a psych hospital over it). So I like this kid, we work well together, but I notice he's 6-1, 255 with 10%BF and a bloated gut. So I tell him to cool it on the roids for a while. He says "Fine, glad you at least know your shit, Doc."

Well, the next week, he comes in, and he's really pissed about a bunch of stuff, and I notice something is bulging out of his SHIRT pocket. Looks like a vial. So I say, "alright, sorry,____, I need you to give me the gear in your shirt. He goes pale on me, and hands it over, starting to cry...."I just spent $300 on this Winstrol."
Don't wear your gear to your doctor appt.


My wife has been ok with me using AAS. Unfortunately, she has not ben nearly so accomodating about me using her ASS. All joking aside, I think most of have a secret life- at least with respect to someone. Maybe the wife knows about the vitamins, but the parents don't. Or the friends know but the coworkers don't.


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If I were him, I'd be crying too. $300 on Winstrol is enough to make any gear-head shed a tear.


I think that everyone in my family and all of my friends has asked me at least once if I am on steroids. I always give them the same answer. I have been eating more and training hard. No one can say 100% that I have done them. I intend to keep it that way.


I was 180 about 4 months ago droped 10lbs. and then went up to 195+/- a few lbs. after my cycle, I havent changed anything in my profile yet though. I am only 22, I think they found out when a few friends started being assholes mentiond something forgeting there around and they went snooping around and one of them told them but I dunno what "friend" that was...


I leave my needles out in the open in my house, and my parents walked in and saw them. I just explained they were for B12 injections, and showed them the B12 bottle. I put vials & pills inside supplement containers just in case someone breaks in.


Bushy.. i have to admit you are my hero. Now.. where i can find that nice stuff? :smiley:


Maybe show your folks today's article, let them hear it from someone who is both public and an expert.


This sounds like you live at home with parents. If so, try moving out of the basement into your own place.

Also, if you are this young, WTF are you doing with steroids? Just eat like a goddamn pregnant elephant and lift, for crissakes!!!!!!!!


Ive tried eating like a "elephant" but it just doesnt want to work for me so thats why Im doing them, otherwise I wouldnt need to ...I eat and it goes right through me


So you just shit it all out? This answer has never done it for me. If you eat something, it has to go somewhere. If you eat the right somethings combined with the right training, it will turn into muscle. If you do it the wrong way, it'll turn into fat.

It doesn't just dissipate into the air. And, just in case you think I don't know what I am talking about, I am a classic ectomorph, and used to say the same things you are saying, until I started recording what I was eating and systematizing my diet.

The opposite is also true, and telling. For those who say they "can't lose weight," look at any picture from a Nazi concentration camp. You didn't see any Jews with "glandular problems" or whatnot there. If you don't eat, you will lose weight. If you eat enough, you'll gain.

Oh yeah, and your "friends" suck.


Did you keep it? I mean, for yourself.


Funny you ask. This was before I started HRT. I brought it home, didn't have the heart to throw it away, as we are trained to do, but didn't want to use it. Hurricane came and took away my house (no lie) in 2004. Homeowners insurance didn't cover the lost Winstrol.   lol  Doc