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When Eating at Subway (Emergency)


Have any of you looked into some of the food at subway when your in need of a meal and haven’t got anything with you ? I did today and found some of the salads with extra chicken added make a pretty decent meal,60g protein hardly any fat low carb, even some of the flatbread . I am not planning on making a habit of this but I was surprised at how good some options were. Am I missing any hidden nasty ingredients that don’t appear on nutritional charts? Also the salad I had was packed with peppers jalepenos olives,cucumber , sweetcorn,onion, gotta be a good hit of vitamins too surely ?


To be honest I can’t stand subway’s meat. If I’m out and need food, I’ll stop at a grocery store and get a super food salad with deli sliced meat or hard boiled eggs. I probably do this 3 times a week.


I’d prefer that but it just wasn’t possible at the time for me.


well it’s not exactly perfect but as far as “cheat” meals go there’s worse things you can eat. I mean the bread’ll be processed shite and I’d assume the meat’s all reconstituted from penises and arseholes but in a pinch you just have to make do.


How much of a difference do you think it will make unless you are in an extreme cut for a contest?

Once in a while, after responding to an actual emergency, I will not have a lunch with me and I will have someone get me a 6 inch turkey sub with lots of veggies and mustard. It might be 400 calories with 25 grams of protein. If I’m really hurting or will be there a while I’ll get the foot long.


Fair points from everyone , I’m not planning on visiting subway everyday but on paper it seemed pretty good , I might do some digging online to see if there is anything nasty they hide on the nutritional charts in store .


Grocery store deli FTW. Can’t go wrong.


Did some research online and tbh subway does not seem to be that bad in terms of vegetables and meat however what someone commented on here about bread being processed shit they were right , again I agree its not the best place but most certainly not the worst either,


I take 6’ tuna with extra tuna.


Not sure what the emergency was (you were hungry? LOL) but this does seem like a weird round about way of asking if regular subway will be an issue.

I doubt you’d notice any issues.

Like others, I find the meat nasty and it’s not hard to get some decent wraps, grill a chicken breast and throw in some salads. Probably less time than traveling to subway and back.


Ya you’ll be alright as long as you aren’t in the last few weeks of a contest prep. If I don’t pack a lunch for work I walk to the Subway next door and get a Subway Salad with grilled chicken, extra chicken of course. Macros are decent, and I’ve never even met anyone who didn’t like Subway before this thread. I love it. You could definitely do worse.


You get yourself a meatball sub. Footlong or two.

Add pepperoni and ham.

Shit ton of Parmesan cheese. Add double pepper jack cheese.

Also don’t forget the oregano.


WTF!?! I always thought the meatballs were for display purposes! :stuck_out_tongue:


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