When Does Water Retention Go Away?

I’m on about week 8 of 50mg test c ever 3.5. Dot go for first labs for 2 weeks. Pre trt and pre vacation blood pressure on average 120-130/60-70. Post vacation on week 4. Lots of indulging . I gained 7# in one week. I think it is water retention. As I spent the last 4 weeks in a 500/ calorie deficit and lost no weight. Now blood pressure is 140-150/80-85 and I The pressure in my head. I’m taking cozzAr 50 mg until my appt Monday. I was able to drop the cozzAr last year when I lost weight.

Question is. When does water retention go away to see if my blood pressure drops back to normal? At first the retention wasn’t a concered because it made my muscles look bigger.

It takes 6-12 months for your body to fully adapted to TRT. Testosterone can effect the kidneys sodium/water absorption rates independent of estrogen.

Do not starve yourself because you body is growing and it needs fuel. The water retention may be directly responsible for the blood pressure increase, it was for me.

Took me 6 months. It’s temporary. Taking less T helps but who knows how you respond.

It happens quicker if you get fit, lose fat and put on muscle. Eat right and live right helps More than you can imagine.

Expect better therapy when you are fit and healthier than when started.

I don’t know if it’s time that lowered some of my minor sides or it’s was that I lost tons of fat. I bet both.

I consider my self preaty fit. 5 8 170. Calisthenics 2-3 time a week. 2 mile dog walks 5-6 times a week. Eat clean 6.5 days a week. One beer a week with pizza. Body fat 15% by visual

Yes that’s perfect. Then expect a6-12 months and body will stabilize it. This is the age old problem for trt.

Folks have one small side like a slightly swollen ankle that comes and goes. They decide to take an ai. Instead of letting the body get stable or maybe they lower the dose a tiny bit.

I hope that helps.

Ai should only be taken when other measures have been exhausted.

If one has gyno I cannot comment becusee that’s a different anomaly that is genetic or a recent genetic mutation due to estrogen dominance or whatever …

I hope this helps.

The retention is the only side im noticing. was just so proud of my self last year for dropping the blood pressure medication was just king of bummed I had to restart . my PCP doctor only orderer total T,free T and psa for first draw. after I see results im heading to discount labs for the rest. So no im not thinking AI.

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Man that’s is awesome Congrats brother!

You are good. Water retention dissipates over time. Or if you have super high free t , then lowering it can help to.

I had 50+ free t (don’t ask why long story) I lowered my dose to achieve 25/30 free t and my fat ankle disappeared after a few weeks. That’s as at month 6.

I don’t even notice the retention. I’m asumeing it s mostly intramuscular. No swelling in ankles. Normal finger swelling after pizza night then it’s gone with water.

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Otherwise how are you feeling?

If feeling great with little water retention you are normal. Give it time and dial yourself into a good dose.

YouTube lifting dermatologist watch his videos on Trt and join his FACEbook group in the description. The last ten videos all great.

Blood pressure >140 and I can feel the pressure in my head work outs out good. Libido is done peaking and trough. If my t is 600-800 on my draw and free is good. I’ll give the dose 6 months and see. If it’s below. I may ask for a bump up. But over all I can’t complainn

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