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When Does the Clomiphene Start?

So was curious after a cycle about when did you guys start taking clomid or clomos or clomiphene whatever you choose to call it and how much did you take in order to get your body where it needs to be with testosterone production

Kind of hard to give a one size fits all answer. If you are using a long estered hormone then the recommendation is start PCT at earliest two weeks after last shot. If using a short estered like propionate then 4-5 days after last shot.

Now when people talk about long estered they tend to be referring to cypionate and enanthate which have 12 and 10.5 day half life. So that two weeks should get you through the first half life. But common knowledge says it takes about 5 half lifes before the given hormone is terminal or dead or just so depleted that it is no longer in active levels in your body. I don’t know if I buy all of that because the TRT testosterone undeconate is supposed to be able to be dosed just every 3 months. UnDeconate is a 16 day half life but 3 months is over six half life’s so. I believe the name brand is something like nebido or something close to that if you want to read up.

Really you want to start PCT when the synthetic hormone levels are coming down so as they taper off your natural production takes over.

As far as dosage I have always heard 50 mgs a day for first two weeks then 25mgs a day for two weeks. I only used clomid once because I react like a pregnant woman on it. I am stuck using only Nolvadex for a serm.