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When Does Test E Kick In?


Hey fellows I am looking at getting on Test E. Couple of questions, about how long would you expect it to kick it in and start seeing results. And 2, how does it effect libido, will it drop or rise. My main gaol is puttin on a little bit more weight and help out with the strength. Thinking about going back on a ph but honestly tire of taking pills everyday.

squat 650
bench 450
dead 635


It took me about 3 weeks to start feeling a little kick... and about 4-5 weeks to see results starting.

I didn't frontload though, you should frontload and cut the waiting time.

Are those numbers raw or geared? If they are raw thats good. If its geared, still not too bad.


Varies for me, depending on the amount i start at (generally 500mg), what other compounds I'm taking with it, and how fast I cycle upwards. On average, I'd say 4-5 weeks. Taking Test Propionate @100mg 3x week along with E will radically decrease the "kick in" time.