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When Does Sustanon 250 Kick In?


Hey everyone,

I'm 2 weeks into my Sustanon 250 cycle as of tomorrow, tomorrow will be my 7th injection. I'm injecting EOD, averaging 525mg a week. It is my first cycle. I was wondering how long until I start to feel it's effects, I understand it'll fully kick in around the 3 week mark due to the long esters?

Is that when I'll start to see some gains?

I currently feel no effects of the sustanon 250, at least not anything I can pinpoint down to the gear.

Prior to starting this cycle I was on cut, so I'm bulking now, plus started taking creatine (i don't normally take creatine). I've noticed strength gains and I've gained about 12 lbs in 2 weeks. Obviously I think this is just a result from changing to a bulk + taking creatine, so most of it is probably water weight. But was expecting to feel something from this gear by now, due to the short esters.

So when am I likely to feel the results? Since I'd want to stop this ASAP if it's potentially bunk gear.

Just want to add, I really appreciate the advice and help I've gotten on these boards. I've been posting a lot of threads lately and have gotten great feedback each time. So thank you!


Sustanon starts virtually instantly, it has long and short esters