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When Does Supplement Timing Matter?

I’m talking about when to take them. Read another post and didn’t wanna hijack it but discussed not to take fish oil near your training because of the anti inflammatory properties. I had been taking it after first meal and right before training…and since switched it to dinner time.

Wonder what other common supplements it really matters on?
Multivitamin, D3, magnesium, zinc,
Anything come to mind or would those still be fine first meal and before training?

D3 you want to take early in the day. Magnesium, it depend on which kind (citrate, glycinate,…, there’s an article on thibarmy). Multivitamins shouldn’t be near your workout, and there’s a lot you could read here on t-nation about their efficacy.

If you train early, I’d take the fish oil with my last meal of the day even if that’s a pre-bed snack. If you train late, I’d take it early morning.

Other anti-inflammatories such as curcumin, ginger etc. should ideally be considered the same way as fish oil.

Some people also avoid anti-oxidant rich foods in their post workout meal. If you’re really trying to optimise things broccoli/cauliflower and spinach (myostatin/potassium) are good pre-workout meal inclusions. And pickles.

Cinnamon is good pre-workout (insulin sensitivity)

I doubt these things will make or break your progress though

Thanks for the insight sir!

There is a ton to read here…being new it’s hard to find it all at times…

It’s always fine to ask, that’s a viable way to learn. I ask a lot of questions.

I get a lot of mileage out of the search bar. For instance, with your question in particular I believe if you’d gone to the T-nation site and gone through the list of supplements that you take and read up a little on (anti-)inflamation you could have almost written my answer yourself.

And then your post could have been, I know this about this and that but what don’t I know about other supplements in this regard that I might want to have on my radar? Because, of course, you can’t know what you don’t know.

@mertdawg do you want to add something? I usually learn something new when you chime in. Like that >30 grams of nuts might not be ideal.

Appreciate the response and the tips again sir

Some interesting stuff from Dr Scott Stevenson recently on curcumin, where he said it’s actually better on an empty stomach for anti-inflammation purposes around muscles, joints, even headaches.

I was reading just this morning about research into baking soda loading, i.e. taking smaller doses throughout the day can actually lead to enhanced physical performance without the gastro distress. Baking soda must be the must under-rated performance enhancing supplement on the market. Think I may start producing it in smart tubs and toss in a few meaningless ingredients and call it Urban Warfare, or Ruthless…


Some minerals can compete for absorption. So they’re tricky taking together. Like, calcium can “override” other minerals and prioritize itself.

Strong antioxidants have been shown to interfere with insulin sensitivity, so keep them away from pre or post-workout: https://www.t-nation.com/diet-fat-loss/tip-avoid-these-vitamins-before-and-after-training

Fat-soluble vitamins benefit from being taken with meals that have some fat in them. So pop your D after your eggs at breakfast, not your egg white omelet or oatmeal.

I’ll take a look at that, as curcumin’s also (as far as I know) fat soluble. If it makes it more effective, definitely worth looking into. Was it in a podcast or something?

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Check it out here: it is 6 mins in (obviously the host can’t spell!)


I love baking soda and typically take 1-2 teaspoons per day using tnation/biotests flavoring to aid the taste.

You’re right about the potential GI upset, which interestingly sometimes occurs and sometimes does not. I often wonder if that response, although irritating, depending on the timing, is actually a beneficial, clearing response of the gut in the presence of bisodium carbonate.

Good stuff guys - thanks again…I need to revamp my whole supplement schedule I think

Indeed, I’ve taken 5g every morning consistently for a few years now and I’m generally ok. I should probably try and do another 5g in the evening to see what happens.