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When Does PWO Insulin Spike End?

I’m curious if anyone knows about how long it takes for the insulin spike from your PWO shake to end.

Say you get up in the morning, have a 1P:2C shake before and during your workout, then another 1:1 afterwards. How long will it take before you can ‘safely’ consume a meal high in fat without risking storing all of that fat?

I ask because I enjoy eating low-carb most of the time, AD style, but I really feel that my lifting performance is better when I have my PWO shake.

I think David Barr wrote some articles on this stuff. Do a search for PWO stuff from him.

The chart in there shows the blood sugar levels bumping up after consuming something like Surge and then drifting downwards.

On another note, to complicate things, it takes time for a fatty meal to be digested… so, you may have to think about what you eat after the fatty meal as well, in terms of raising insulin while the fats consumed earlier are being presented to the bloodstream.

I’m reading Nutrient Timing System, book.

Talks about a high glycemic index food within 45 mins. post workout to spike insulin levels.

Depends on your insulin sensitivity and what is in the shake you ake obviously say 50 grams of sugars will dissapate faster then say 100


That said for me I know if I take a serving of Surge and donmt eat within 45 mins I crash HARD. Shakes etc I get something prior to this.