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When Does Natural Test Production Halt on Cycle?

Hello. Are there any data regarding halt of natural testosterone’s production when on steroid cycle?

Like after getting 15 days of exogenous testosterone completely halts natural production

The reason why I am asking is to determine HCG usage on my TRT

I want to start HCG after natural production is close to complete stop

Within days you’re suppressed. When your body completely shuts down? Unsure. But two weeks isn’t a bad guess.

yes I thought I should start at day 15. You also think good idea?

I would start concurrently, but I also never had any issues with HCG and love using it. If waiting two weeks is something you want to do then it couldn’t possibly hurt you to do it that way.

I decided to follow this protocol.

Starting at day 12. Every 5 days. So I will do after 2 days of each Sustanon injection since HCG will also produce some extra testosterone, it will have more balanced distribution of testosterone release every day. What do you think?

Like i get sustanon at 2022.01.01 and I get HCG at 2022.01.03 and then sustanon at 2022.01.06 and HCG again at 2022.01.08 and so on

Also I will get 325 IU HCG every 5 days