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When does creatine usage finally become obsolete?

If I continuously use creatine in cycles of six weeks on and four weeksoff, when does creatine supplementation become obsolete? In other words, when will its effects not be noticed any longer? Creatine was great when I first started weight training, the extra weight and strength gains and slightly better pumps gave me more enthusiasm to keep training. But during the four “off” weeks I’d lose the extra volume, along with about 5 pounds. Lately, all the creatine seems to do is just bloat me. So is there a point to keep on supplementing with creatine anyway? What’s everyone’s view on this?

I don’t think it’s necessary to cycle creatine. Since people used to eat more meat, the human body is probably accustomed to a decent and regular creatine intake. In fact, I tend to think of improvements due to creatine as being the result of the reversal of creatine deficiency. It’s like saying that vitamin C eliminates symptoms of scurvy, as if scurvy were the natural human condition. In fact, I predict that, within 20 years, the FDA will provide an RDA for creatine intake.

I like it because it keeps me from getting sore. Good enough reason for me. I don’t use it for motivation.

i used it when i started lifting but i noticed after about 6-8 months it had little or no effect, just water weight. i actually found i did better when i was off because i wasnt bloated from all the water you have to drink to prevent the other unwanted problems. it was a good start though, i sorta look at it like its a newbie supp, but hey, thats just me