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When Does a "Fake" Pandemic Become "Real"?

My apologies for another COVID thread, guys. But I have been on “PWI” long enough to know when threads are either 1) getting so long and winded that asking a certain question gets lost and buried in the maelstrom and/or 2) the thread has begun to go off the proverbial “rails”.

So I ask “PWI” this fundamental question:

"When does a “Fake” Pandemic Become “Real”?

Stats are what they are…and I don’t think I have ever seen stats manipulated and used by people to justify the “side" they are on…especially with something with Worldwide implications as dire as COVID has been.

Is it “worse” than the flu? Is it “just” a bad flu? Is it more? All I know is that this damn thing is having consequences “on the ground” not seen with the flu…and while the naysayers are getting more vocal and even forming “resistance groups” as they liken health officials and governors to Nazis, emperors, empresses, dictators, and despots (yes…those names are being used as they proudly declare a “revolution” to “take their Country back”…as if a virus gives a damn)…they still refuse to answers some fundamental questions for me. (In fact when I ask, I am told I’m a sheeple or am “drinking the Kool-Aide”…when in reality I just want to know. I really don’t give a damn about your “revolution”.

So I ask “PWI”:

  1. What accounts for ICU’s at capacity in certain States, with overburdened EMS systems…with many being stretched to capacity? (I simply have not seen that with the flu.)

  2. What is it that is leading to respiratory disease and failure through the hot, summer months (so far), leading to increased morbidity and mortality?

  3. What is this “fake” disease that is leading to thousands (perhaps millions in the end) with residual symptoms and disease? (In numbers and with symptoms unlike the flu)?

  4. What is this “fake” disease that is now spreading through South America, India and parts of Africa…and is showing no signs of letting up?

And while I have many questions like this…at what point does a “fake pandemic” become a “real one”? Do numbers have to equal or surpass the Flu before we concern ourselves with it?

Millions? Tens of Millions?

Look guys…I don’t have the answers…but unlike the naysayers, deniers and “fake Pandemic-ers”…I don’t run around with my chest out, shouting proudly like I do…I just want to know what the Hell is going on…

The floor is yours.

(P.S…and no…I do not think that complete lock-downs are the answer…or that we can economically tolerate another one…so don’t throw that one at me as if I support them…)


It becomes real when the people calling it fake get it or lose a loved one. I’ve seen a couple of real quick turnarounds of some very outspoken and opinionated people recently.

All of the sudden everything those communist/nazi conspiracists said made a whole bunch of sense and now everybody should do it.


My niece supposedly had it. She had a burning feeling in her lungs, and was complaining she couldn’t breath. Doctors tested her and said she had it. Three days later she was out partying with her friends. Also heard some old guy at my gym with a lot of health issues supposedly died from the infamous COVID. He had heart issues and was already on oxygen. Other than that I haven’t heard of or come in contact with a single person that knows someone who has it.

Congratulations. (really).

You are fortunate.

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My wife is a writer, her agent lives in Manhattan. This is a very populated area. Her agent doesn’t know a single person with COVID. I wonder how many people on these forums know someone that has died from it. Family member, friend, co worker, neighbor.

I’ll bite, @In_Crom_We_Trust

What is your point?

Hrmm, not sure I have one. Just sharing, searching for some validation. I remember hearing a story that freezer trucks were being backed up to New York Hospitals, and dead bodies were being loaded in them. This was of course reported on the MSM. I lived in New Jersey, New York as well as Pennsylvania. Not a single friend or business associate can tell me someone they know has COVID. Here we are approaching 200k deaths, and the only person I know that supposedly tested positive was my party girl niece. I’m not seeing mass ventilators or videos of over flowing hospitals with bodies all over the floors. Has this virus, flu, pandemic become more of a political weapon? I hate saying things like that out of fear of sounding moronic, but my intuition hasn’t fully committed to COVID yet. Perhaps you’re right, maybe the people I know are just truly lucky across 12 states East to West.

Thank you for your honest answer, @In_Crom_We_Trust

So for you…it seems like it becomes “real” when people close to you, or that you know personally, are affected? (As @SkyzykS pointed out…).

I am sure you are not alone; and that this is at least one of the answers as to when it becomes “real” and not “fake” for many people.

It only becomes real to trump when it hits the most important person in the world to him, himself.

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That sounds horrible though right? I followed protocol, respected peoples space and try my best to show compassion to those who are truly scared. I’m an immune compromised person, and I’m supposedly someone that is high risk for COVID. I just try to keep pushing through my day while keeping things as normal as possible.

See, for some the virus is very political.

Yes when politicians call a pandemic a hoax but there are over 130k people dead and counting because of this “hoax”, yes it becomes very political.

Not really, @In_Crom_We_Trust

Mainly because I am looking for honest answers…not a bunch of grandstanding, bullshit and hyperbole.

Honesty helps me understand why people feel the way they feel.

I know a few positives and likely had it myself in March (never got tested). Low grade fever for three days, sweat through sheets, lingering dry deep cough. It wasnt a big deal for the positives I know. In their 30s, relatively healthy.

I wouldnt call it fake, but I think the hysteria is overblown. People are starting to act like they can avoid illness forever. It’s just not possible.

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I admit that I am almost as irritated by a newscaster who begins their newscast almost out of breath having a “COVID-orgasm” as I am the frank deniers and “revolutionaries”.

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Don’t know. But you can’t relax social distancing for causes you like (protests) and then complain about Trump rallies. The anti-lockdown protests, bad. BLM protests, good.


That’s where I’m at with it. I have chronic heart failure and it was recommended by my cardiologist to be careful and exercise all of the precautions. He also expressed high confidence that if I got it I would very likely shake it off pretty easily.

After an array of symptoms, I go for chest x-ray and test tomorrow.

Honestly, I’m very scared. I had a massive heart attack last year don’t want my wife and son to go through another rendition of “We’ve done all we can, now we just have to see if he wakes up.”.

There has been enough hypocrisy during this Pandemic/Fake Pandemic to fill a stadium…and that is from all sides…

So do I.

But I am also not denying that something is “different”…very different and “real” that goes beyond mere hysteria; or Governors and Health Officials wanting to take away our rights and put us all in “Covid-camps”. (People are actually perpetuating things like this).

Oh trust me, I opposed the anti-lockdown protests. As I self-declared man of the right, I’ll be the first to say that the right has been pretty infuriating about the lockdowns and masks. The “can’t tell me what to do, ever” attitude is maddening. But that was a fatal mistake of the health officials to then sign the letter supporting the BLM protests.